Day 76: The Darker Side Of The Sale

Many people may conjure imaginings of a door salesman casting a voodoo spell on his suitcase of kitchen ware. Others might imagine the sight of Darth Vader waiting at the door trying to sell the latest reinvention of the ad king pro. My opinion of it all is far less dramatic but something that deserves extra mention and that is the predicament of having to provide the product once you find the need.

I’ve always liked the sound of that saying to “first find a need, then fill it” rather than do the opposite and create a product that nobody wants. You can imagine my happiness to know that I have 4 clients requiring 4 different online solutions, now I just need to provide those solutions to them.

The problem is that I hadn’t counted on each project being as time intensive as it was. This lead me to pulling an all-nighter in order to get through the workload. After finally getting a cat-nap this afternoon you can be sure that I’m putting systems into place to ensure I never have to worry about a situation like this again.

So what’s my first move? Well, while continuing to do the work myself, I’ve started looking for an assistant and another designer to help with other matters. Truth be told, I love creating and designing stuff, it’s just that after putting all this time into selling, I quite like the idea of continuing to sell.

Either way, I’m sure it will work out in the end but these all-nighters have gotta stop (I’m too old for such craziness). I’ll keep you posted on how my hunt for fresh meat goes (I feel like a wolf on the prowl)!

ps. But another awesome thing happened to me yesterday. I mentioned to my wife how I’d joined Bill Phillips Transformation community and asked that if I made the company sales target this month, would I be allowed to go to the conference being held in March. Her response was…(drum roll please)…YES! Stunned, I thanked her and she said that the one thing she wanted me to do in addition to making this months target, is to take her away for a weekend on my return. Not even a problem!!

So the challenge goes like this, I set a monthly target of getting ten sales in February. Counting the two sales I closed earlier this week, that means I have just six more business days to make 8 sales. After that, I’ll be able to pack my bags for my very first “conference”. Being in Dallas, I think the timing may see me there for the annual marathon run they do there. I better buy some decent running shoes then…!

All I know is that after my wife gave the green light, I was stunned at how much she’s changed in order to be cool with me leaving her with the girls for an entire weekend. I then realized that it wasn’t by magic and probably had a bearing with the work I’ve been doing on myself and our relationship, something I grow more and more grateful for with each passing day.

pss. I’d also like to know what this new woman has done with my wife as well! : ) Hope Bill is ready for me because I’ve been waiting 8 years to thank him for that special little book he wrote all those years ago. Awesomeness!