Day 77: "Are You Still Interested In A Job?"

One of the small joys of this 80-Day challenge would undoubtedly be when I sent my first email containing those words. The chance to finally be looking for an employee is something I’ve waited for ever since I set the goal to run my own design firm. That chance came to pass late at night on Friday the 19th February, 2010.

After being swamped with work on Wednesday and Thrursday, I’d decided that waiting till I fell behind would spell the end of of my firms name before it had a chance to take off. On that note I went about collecting and looking through resumes and portfolios of suitable candidates for a web designer. I followed this up by making a list of 30 names and sent an email describing the vacant position, roles and duties of the successful candidate and payment amount. At 12:20AM I sent my last letter and made a note on the spreadsheet which I created to keep track of names, email addresses and important milestones that I needed to hit with each in the interview process.

Feeling quite proud of myself, I wrapped up what I was doing and rewarded my wife and I with a mini-marathon of 24 to celebrate my first hiring experience.

In hindsight my wife regretted it because she was very tired the following morning but the important thing is that it’s awesome to have so much work that I need another hand or two. First thing’s first of course, I’ll work on getting a qualified individual in to help with website creation and continue to put my focus on selling. Especially with my target deadline (and possible reward) looming this week.