Day 78: “Man, those marathons will kill you!”

working-marathon-1For those who read yesterdays entry, you’ll know which marathons I’m referring to and yes, they are not for the faint hearted! : )

Today was spent playing with the kids after my awesome wife let me have a sleep-in till 11AM. Pretty cool right?!

Before the day was out, my wife and I also arranged to have a Mediterranean dinner at 10.30PM. This may seem like a late meal to some but taking into account how long it took for us to get our little ones settled in at my parents place before we left, it ended up being perfect timing.

After we’d finished dinner at a little Turkish restaurant in town I told my wife that it would be awesome to be able to take my entire family around the world for a 12 month trip. She remarked that it would cost a lot of money and I agreed. My aim is to be wise and wealthy enough to save up for such a trip while my parents are still young and mobile (hope my dad doesn’t read this entry). I started imagining all the places we’d visit, the meals we’d eat, the toilets where we’d regret what we’d eaten and the 12 months of fighting and arguing with my siblings…I may have to work on the idea a little longer… J

But hey, maybe you guys don’t want to do something as crazy as a year-long trip around the world. Maybe you’d like to buy Harley Davidson Motorcycles for you and your spouse or enjoy all the holiday locations in your own country for three or four months. Whatever it is, and so long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone else in the process, I think there’s something to be said for dreaming up fantastical goals we can all pursue.

I personally don’t want to be the shoulda-coulda-woulda guy and I’m sure you don’t want to be either so let’s get on with planning for the impossible, taking it down to improbable until it finally becomes possible.