Day 79: The Night Before The Greatest Sale Week Of My Life

Pretty impressive title if I do say so myself, but it’s all true. Tonight my wife and I sat down to plan our week and upcoming events. This included my plan to fly out to either the Ryan Lee Continuity Summit in New York on the first weekend of March or Bill Phillips Transformation Conference in Dallas on the second. This, of course, hinges on my being able to meet my sales target for this month so I was determined to lay it all out on the table to ensure I wasn’t missing anything.

Though I’m still fairly nervous about the week, I’m also really excited to be starting off the way I have; targeting small to medium companies who stand to benefit from having an online presence that stands above others within the industry. With the steps I’m taking to get another designer on board, I’m optimistic about getting this right and finding partners who will gain a notable advantage over their competitors as a result of having my help.

With that in mind, it’s time I hit the bed so that I can stick to the plan I wrote out tonight. Ciao all and wish me luck!