Day 80: I Set It And Fell Short…What now?

Well, today’s post was a tricky one. Didn’t know what to call it but I knew I had to be a square shooter about it so here goes.

I’m not a millionaire. The fact that I’m not posting screenshots of my bank account balance alludes to the reality that I don’t have a million dollars sitting in the bank on Monday 22nd February, 2010.  Sad but true. The challenges of balancing stuff on the side while taking care of a family proved too great to overcome. At times, my own inability to focus correctly and make harder and smarter decisions when it mattered most, surely cost me more than I gained so it’s important that I take stock of what I have and don’t have as a result of my action:

The 80-Day Promises:

  1. Become a Millionaire in 80 Days
  2. Overcome Procrastination
  3. Become More Focused and Efficient

The 80-Day Result

  1. Am Not a Millionaire though I’ve learned a great deal about the type of person you must be in order to become a Millionaire. I’ve learned that without discipline, you’ll never succeed at accomplishing anything. This links to the disease of procrastination. I also learned though that through diligence and perseverance, even I can succeed.
  2. Have doubled productivity by working on my own personal development, though I still tend to get bogged down by the big idea and fail to break things down into bite-sized chunks. As a result, I finally began doing some selling for my own company and have continued to allocate a certain amount of time, per week, to selling.
  3. Accomplished more in the last 2 months than I did in the previous 18. This includes learning more about being successful in the home and the work place, communicating better with others and understanding the fundamentals of running a successful business. I put this into practice with my own business and have learned about several tools available to the young entrepreneur i.e. Sales Closes, Marketing Strategy, Virtual Services, Semi-Automated Business Systems and Success Training through speakers such as Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.

Given these small successes in the face of undeniable failure to become a millionaire, the only sane decision at this point is to try again.

And again.

Until I accomplish becoming a millionaire.

…something about this next 80 Days though, I definitely think this is going to be the 80 Days that change my life…again that is…but more of course…well, you get what I mean!

So as I charge my glass with unfiltered tap water and raise it to my computer monitor, I farewell the experiences of the past and herald in the adventures of the future. Please if you would charge your glasses in like, and repeat after me, “We will not fail!”

So dramatic!

  • Victor Pochop

    Hello Josh, Just wanted to drop you a line and ask you about the post for Day 80. …On it you asked “What Now?” This is where I now ask you… “What Now?” I would like to still how things are going for you. Even if it’s on a weekly basis or something.
    I have taken some motivation from what you have started here but I haven’t jumped to the next level of forcing myself to act on it on a daily basis. I have a few things I am working on and have even set goals. What I lack is self-motivation and support from others.
    I hope to see you reach your goal and follow you as you succeed. Until then… best of luck and wishes.

    Victor Pochop

    • Josh

      Hey Victor,

      30 days later it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken the time to thank you for your post. By no small measure, I was encouraged by your comment to continue with doing weekly posts of my progress after Day 80. Thank you for your support because it has certainly helped to get at least some focus back into sharing my experiences with this tiny community that has rallied around the “80-Day Journey”.