Day 9: I Asked And Even I Don’t Believe What Happened Next..

Well, it’s officially 5:54 AM on Day 10 of my 80-Day Millionaire Journey so yeah, this post is a little late. The reason, however, should keep the interests of even the most skeptical of skeptics.

If you recall in Day 8: My Mastermind Group, I mentioned that I had a lot of work to do before I would have all the names of people wanted on my mastermind group. I also mentioned in Day 7: Mentor Me This, that I was getting caught up on questions like “How am I going to find a mentor who has this particular background?” and “How am I going to get in front of this person once I do?” Towards the end of both posts, I made a comment that so long as I did everything in my power to accept solutions to these challenges, life would do everything in its power to ensure I received them. Well, after the phone call that I just had roughly an hour ago, all I have to say to Life, is “Thank You”. Now, I bet your dying to read on..

Let me break it down for you:

  • Day 7 – Josh needs a Mentor yet has no idea how to get in contact with him.
  • Day 8 – Josh needs a Mastermind Group to take his idea to the next level yet only has a list of 3 men, all international experts in Direct Sales and Marketing.
  • Day 9 – And this is the one you need to take note of – Through a series of seemingly disparate events, Josh ends up having  a 15:38 minute one-on-one phone call with a man whose name was the first he’d added to his mastermind group list.

“How’d he do that?!” I hear you ask. Read on…

Now, a lot of you might be thinking, “Big deal, it’s not like I couldn’t call up somebody I want to have working on my small project, heck, I could give a buddy a call down the road and tell him to come up in half an hour!” and your right, you could call a buddy who works the same job you do, watches the same TV shows you watch and thinks of how much more luckier everyone else is then him, just like you do. Of course you can call up, but why would you?

See the major difference between me picking one of my friends to join my Mastermind group and choosing one of the three men that are already on the list, is the fact that each one of them is a multimillionaire in his own right. Every one of them has endearing qualities, characteristics and an abundance of knowledge that if brought together would create a once-in-a-lifetime event. Everybody should already know what event I think that should be…MINE OF COURSE! : )

It’s at this point in the post, well actually throughout the last couple of posts, that I’ve been fighting the urge to name names in an attempt to buffer myself, I guess. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way from the person I used to be, I just noticed that I’ve had this hesitancy with being completely candid and open and putting myself out there. So, I’m going to do it. I’m going to tell you (I’m getting anxious just thinking about it) the first three names of the men on my Mastermind group list.

They are (listed in no particular order):

Internationally renowned Internet Marketer whose Continuity Summit is directly responsible for the person I am today

“The Godfather of Internet Marketing”, his one-on-one interview at Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit as well as his book titled “Integration Marketing”, were huge motivators for me. Credit for my current concept goes to him as it was conceived with his philanthropic projects in mind

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The One Minute Millionaire as well as the person who showed me how to talk to my subconscious mind and gain control of my addiction

Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with these people, just click on them and it should take you to more information about each of them. Clearly, these aren’t people you could just call up and say “Pop up to my house for a while to work on this idea of mine!”

No, in fact, I’d rewritten a telephone script to Ryan Lee half a dozen times before practicing it another half dozen times only to find out that the number I was ringing was a fax machine. I then proceeded to hatch a plan of getting him to read a fax that I sent via that same number only to find out that it wasn’t in service. I had even, and this shows how determined I was because it happened on Day 7, embedded a small letter of introduction into the Facebook “add a friend” dialogue box for both Ryan Lee and Mark Joyner (I couldn’t find Mark Victor Hansen on facebook, lol). The funniest part about all of it is that once I stopped trying to think of creative yet completely ineffective ways of contacting these people, wheels were set in motion to eventuate with me having a one-on-one phone conversation. If I’d gone the e-mail route, there is no guarantee I would have even been able to talk to Ryan Lee, let alone, get offered a letter of introduction to Mike Litman, the man who fired the trigger in my head, to be focused with new conviction.

I could write more, but honestly, do I really need to?!

Now some people are going to say, “Well, Ryan didn’t even agree to be on your Mastermind Group and all he did was refer you to someone else.” To those people I say,” Your completely missing the point!”

Instead of writing an explanation, I’ll summarise the points below:

What I Did:                                                                          The Result:
Ackowledged my flaws and failings                          Reached a tipping point in my life
Committed myself to changing my life                   Discovered tools to fight substance-abuse problem as well as others detrimental to my success
Chose to accept opportunities that present themselves (an idea, a mentor, a mastermind group) Had my main idea come to me while lying on bed. Had Ryan Lee, the first person I wrote down in my Mastermind group (hold a one-on-one phone call with me about keeping my promise)

Oh, and one more thing, he’s open to hearing more! (partially because I may have rambled in some parts of the conversation, something I’ll take care of going forward though I think I’m entitled given the occasion, don’t you?)

In all honesty, I was starting to let the HOW of my idea stifle the development of the WHY but from here on out, I’m an Attraction Evangelist. Call it higher power, fate or luck, all I know is I’ve never been this fortunate and what’s more, I’m more productive and focused as a result of it.  If you guys are interested in testing this theory, I implore you to do it with complete diligence and 100% commitment to being successful. It’s like Mike said, “You owe it to yourself!”

On that note, thank you for following along with my 80-Day Millionaire Journey (I assure you, none of it was planned) and of course, I also wish you well on your own Journey To and Of Success.

  • Angela

    Awesome! Sweet moments like that make us realize our true power and potential to create exactly what we want… even more power to you Josh! I won’t say good luck cos you don’t need it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • Josh

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for the comment. Regardless of my future success (notice how I didn’t add ‘or failures’), there’s no doubt in my mind that with complete vision and commitment to the realisation of that end, mountains may be moved. If we believe, we achieve after all!

  • lala


  • Josh

    Your question is the exact point of creating this site. No more, no less. I neither presume nor seek to misrepresent myself. However, I find your opinion fascinating and value every constructive point you have to offer.

    I wish us both much success in the future Mr. Lala.

    By the way, referencing your email address, I thought it cool to mention that my kids both adore ‘In The Night Garden’. Do you have any kids yourself?

  • David Frey


    One thing I can tell you for sure.

    You have a true talent for writing engaging copy.

    David Frey

    • Josh


      The did the most powerful thing with your comment I could think of.

      Made it a permanent part of my Mantra. Thank you for the blessing.


  • Karmen

    U R Awesome ! U inspire me by applying the mastermind principle I am sure u will be a millionaire the growth you will have in the proccess in invaluable!!



    • Josh

      Hey Karmen,

      The true awesomeness of it all is the amazing headway that can be made when you least expect it.

      One example is a business venture I’ve been working on this year. It’s actually been in the back of my mind for the last 18 months but I took action in June and just last week, received an awesome response.

      I can give you the skinny via Skype if you’re interested but I recommend EVERYONE set up an accountability journal of some sort that they can use as measuring stick of their progress. Irrespective of whether you are consistent or not, for as long as you focus on ‘being a better you tomorrow, than you were today’, its possible for everyone to accomplish their own awesome results.