Day 1: My Mental 'Before Photo'

After reading my first entry on the site, I realised that writing a blog in the early hours of the morning was not the winning combination to delivering any kind of message. With that in mind I chose to crash early last night 12:06AM with the intention of writing this entry first thing in the morning, hence this late entry(which, however, will seem right on time based on other international timezones).

In any event, Day 1 is going to see me summarize some important reasons by why I’m doing this “crazy idea” and how I expect to accomplish it.

First off, let me elaborate on a few things about myself:

Well known facts

  • I’ve always enjoyed socialising with people and embraced the challenge of making new friends
  • I’m an avid bodybuilding and health fitness follower
  • I love animation(due to the strict rule that you could only watch Disney movies on a Sunday when I was little)

Not so well known facts

  • I’ve realised that in recent years, my outlook on life and how I seek to interact with it has diminished considerably.
  • This has lead me to becoming more introverted and less outgoing
  • I’ve also had a substance abuse problem for the past 12 years
  • Struggling with this only seemed to compound the issue and further pull me away from pursuing happiness

I want you all to read that second-to-last bullet because I have never shared that with anyone other than a handful of loved ones. Why then, have I chosen not to mention in detail, what the addiction was? The first reason is because I don’t believe it’s necessary and the second is it would digress from the point I’m trying to make. With that in mind, some may read this and think to themselves, ‘By inferring some sort of substance aduse in the past, your just putting on a show to get attention.’ Truth be told, with a grand old count of zero on the readership numbers, that point is rendered moot.

The important thing to note is that I’ve never shared this with anyone, and as other addicts will agree, even saying I suffered from substance abuse, is one of the most difficult things to do. See how I’ve digressed already? I’ll try to get it back on track.

Basically, the point I’m trying to make is that these lesser known facts, though internal struggles, have had a dramatic impact on my life externally. My relationships with my loved ones were heated over little, insignificant things, I lacked empathy for those I cared the most about and felt self pity for not being the person I used to be and not overcoming the hardships I allowed to define who I saw myself as. Look at that last sentence, all me, me, me right? Right! But the truth is, these and many other things were highly disempowering and set me in a downward spiral.

Now sure, I wasn’t a homeless man on the street panning for cash but internally, I was a pride-less shadow of a man panning for self-belief and self-validation. Many friends and loved ones who read this and future posts are going to be confused because of the contrast this casts on the person they see me as but there also will be some who won’t. The upside though is this:

Not Anymore.

Stephen Pierce, an amazing speaker made the following comment at the 2009 Continuity Summit:

“A lot of people wonder when this credit crisis is going to be over. I believe a better question is when are we going to be over the credit crisis!”

I took this and applied it to my own situation by saying, ‘I’ve been wondering when these problems are going to be over. I now know the better question to ask is, when am I going to be over the problem!’ That change in frame has been the biggest step-up in my personal development for the last five years (and I don’t say that lightly). And of course that change took place on the 17th of November 2009.

That day, I commited myself to the goal that I would welcome opportunity and begin a gradual change of allowing success to find me. I anchored these feelings in a mantra I created on a piece of paper that I then glued to a piece of cardboard. This mantra, though personal to me, has really proven the power of bi-daily recital, especially for the case of a long-time substance abuser. I’m going to share with you the format of my Mantra of success.

The Structure of My Mantra

The first part of this mantra was an affirmation of self worth and self belief.

The second part is the reinforcement of qualities I possess that have high value in my mind. This part is repeated three times.

The third part is reassurance or the “Ask and you shall receive” part.

The last part (and what I feel is the most important part) is where I offer equivalent exchange. It works on the basis that you don’t get something for nothing though I also took this partly from the concept that runs thick in a popular anime show, Full Metal Alchemist, which states that transmutation of one thing of value, is only possible via the exchange of another thing of equal value.

Of course, I’m not telling anyone anything about anything. I am simply sharing with you that this has had a tremendous effect on how I coach myself to “t’ink big” as Gambit would put it(unashamed X-Men reference). A point could be made though, that this many sentences may re-classify my mantra with something else but hey, it works.

In summary, with all this information in mind, it’s important to note that I sincerely believe this 80-Day Journey to Success is inevitable. In fact, I believe my goals will present themselves even sooner. If your wondering what medication I’m on, I assure you that self-assurance and self-promotion are a few of the most powerful tools I have purchased in my mind-workshop. But if you wish to know more about how I intend to make this a reality, check back with me for Day 2: The 80-Day Journey, How To Guide

For now though, I have an SQL Exam with my name on it and I am sooo late!