Dr. Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules Of Success

Love him or hate him…

Love him or hate him, few can dispute the accomplishments of Arnold Schwarzenegger when judged on results alone. To go from being a naive young man in Austria to becoming an accomplished bodybuilder, actor and presently, politician, some might be swayed to think he’s lived a choice life, one of favor and of few setbacks.

I’ve, personally, always admired Arnold for what he’s managed to accomplish in his life, things that would easily satisfy three lives (four if you count appearing on Oprah more than once) and a large part of it is because of his own self-belief, a point he touches on in this delivery. It’s this self-belief and perspective on life that I hope to tap into with my own bodybuilding challenge.

As many of you may know, I set a challenge to be in the best shape of my life by Christmas Eve. I began training and eating right, went about taking my before photos and set an agressive weight and bodyfat goal. You can check them out here, if you missed it.

Since then I’ve reacquainted myself with my good friends Mr. Ache and Mrs. Pain. I’ve also had the chance to test my resolve on several occasions when I could have easily chosen not to train. I can’t say I’ve been a perfect example of training and eating, as one or two cardio-calls have gone unanswered, but I can say that I’ve noticed an improvement, more so in mind than body.

It’s hard to explain but despite the sore muscles and self-discipline with food, I’ve found I was happier with myself, pleased to be putting in the effort and having faith that the rewards would follow. I try and remember that this is the best and most consistent example I could set, to myself, of the concept of sowing and reaping. I mean, I know the parable through and through but practicing it has always been a challenge in other parts of my life. But in this part of my life, I have more control than the others allowing me to build a pattern or habit that I can hopefully carry on into the other parts. i.e. my businesses.

…having a practiced habit of disciplined and consistent action is the key to my being successful

Don’t get me wrong, having the best body of my life is very important to me but having a practiced habit of disciplined and consistent action is the key to my being successful in every other area of my life. After all, why settle for success in one thing when you could be like Arnold and reach for three (or four if you like Oprah).

As for Dr. Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules for Success, just click on the links below to watch both parts of his speech. I’m sure you’ll agree that if applied in our own lives, these rules could substantially improve our Self Development goals for Personal and Professional Success.

Dr. Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules Of Success Part 1

Dr. Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules Of Success Part 2