Prologue to the 80-Day Millionaire Journey

I know your wondering what the 80-Day Millionaire Journey is and there are just so many places to go to but where to start, where to start..that has always been a problem for me throughout my entire life. Always wanting to do things, yet never following through…

But not anymore.

You see, up until a fortnight ago, I was content to simply ‘listen’ to other people talk about how to do formula A to be more effective or how to do formula B to be more successful, but as usual, nothing resonated with me. It was, after all, a casual affair, a means of optimising my time during my daily commutes to and from the City via train. I mean, hey, I have an hour to kill. Why not use it to listen to business training tapes or Personal Development Training Discs. And that was my process for the last few years. Until, that is, I heard a particular recording on November 17th 2009. This recording contained a speech from Mike Litman, Author of “Conversations with Millionaires” in which he came right out and told everyone the one reason they were unsuccessful. That reason was ‘scatteredness’. He followed this up be asking, “Don’t you think owe it to yourself to be more focused?!” (I paraphrase) Truth be told though, when that sentence looped through my head an inumerable amount of times, something clicked.

Whether it was the audiotape talking, or the fact that I was outdoors breathing fresh air, I can’t say. But what I can say, is I reached a turning point in my life, I felt it in my body, it resonated in my mind and I liked it. At that point there was a convergence of ideas and concepts that had floated around my head for the past few years into one simple truth: “Josh, you have given so little in life and that’s exactly what life has given you in return.”

It was then that I found a belief in myself and my circumstance that has empowered me to a level I have never experienced. It’s hard to articulate the euphoric state I found myself in and continue to do each and every day since but my goal is to best tell, show and ultimately instill within you the ideas that are helping me every day on my journey to and of success. This experience is what I hope to share as I know it isn’t just the late night popcorn rush or increased water consumption talking right now at 4Am in the morning, NZ time. This is real and I would be remiss not to offer any thoughts I hope could help others struggling to reach their tipping point. I believe I’ve found mine and time will surely tell.

As is proper blog etiquette, feel free to comment about what you’ve read and offer your insights into what has helped you to be more focused in this crazy A.D.D world we find ourselves in today. Also, check back for my next post, Day 1: My Mental ‘Before Photo’.

Here’s to our Personal Success!

– Josh