Day 305: The Goal I set & Refuse To Forget

At the beginning of the year, I set a number of goals intended to mold me into Josh 2.0 by the end of the year. They covered the most important facets of my life:

My Family

My Personal Life

My Career

My Health

Through the year, I’ve attempted to strive for one or the other though I fell short of getting an adequate handle on either. This was due to a failure to organise and lack of an adequate reason to follow through.

Well..not being one to give up, I chose to take one of those goals as close to completion as possible. The one I’m referring to is:

“1. Compete in a 2010 Regional Bodybuilding Competition”

Unfortunately, the three remaining regional competitions slated for 2010 are all within 5 weeks or less, not nearly long enough for me to make entry, let alone contend. But not being one to give up, I figured the next best thing to competing in a bodybuilding competition this year, is to build my body up now, for competition next year.

With that in mind, on the 24th September, I set a goal to train as hard as possible for the next three months (it was kinda “do or die” because 3 months after September 24th meant missing out on that favorite of all events, Christmas Dinner). I was fortunate though, because on that same day, I had my wife take some pictures of me so that I could compare my progress on Christmas Eve. You can check them out below:

The tipping point to me committing 100% to the next 90 days, however, was the fact that an in-house amateur bodybuilding competition was being held at my gym on Saturday 25th September. After watching some of the competitors (all of which, who were members from the gym who committed to putting themselves out there for all to see), I was blown away to notice one of my schoolmates competing on stage. Initially I was stumped as to why I hadn’t seen this young woman training. It never occurred to me that I knew her and it wasn’t until the MC announced her name that I realized who it was. Suffice to say, her progress was incredible and in my mind I was thinking…

“For 8 years, you talked about wanting to enter a bodybuilding competition and never have, only to find that one of the girls you knew from high school entered after only three weeks of training!”

I was floored but I was floored in a good way because now I was ready. All the times before, I didn’t stick to it because of work commitments, helping with the new arrivals and general laziness. This time, however, I gave notice to myself, my wife and my family, even if it was just through my actions, ESPECIALLY if it was just through my actions, I was going to make sure everybody knew what I was doing and that nothing was going to get in my this time!

Since then, I’ve been training three days weight training and three days cardio (yes, all of 6 days so far, I know!) but once my body adjusts to the training program, I’m keen to see how far I can push this.

For instance, one of the guys who’d been quite possibly the hardest worker in the competition (at least coming in with the most muscle) had gotten himself down to be 93kg with 6% bodyfat. Now, some of you may be thinking, “Ew!!” but I guarantee that if the men had a choice of what to look at in the mirror, and the women were to choose who to snuggle up to at night, there would be no “Ew”-ing as far as the ear could hear.

So my mind began to wonder and ,being well-known for setting ‘unrealistic’ goals, I set the goal to spend the next 90 days training my backside off to get as close to that mark as possible. Today however, I picked that bar up and chucked it even higher after receiving my body assesment. The results were as follows:

First Body Assessment

Weight: 92.6kg

Body Fat: 20%

The good thing about these dreadful results is that I’d apparently gained 6kg of muscle since my last assessment a year ago though this is mostly due to the training I did in the first quarter as a lead up to strengthening my core for the human flag hold I wanted to learn. The other good thing is that, with these results noted down, I believe setting a goal to weigh in at 98kg with just 10% of body fat is very realistic.  The reason I say this is because I have weighed in at 95kg in the past, at no less than 11% body fat.

So to sum up, I’m fairly confident I can reach the goal of weighing 98kg with no more than 10% body fat by December 24th. I have the program, eating plan and focus I’ve lacked for the last 6 years and, in all honesty, it’s absolutely envigorating to feel excitement at the sheer anticipation of what’s to come. In truth, no matter how impossible this goal may appear, I’m actually a heck of a lot more comfortable pursuing this than some of the business goals I made at the start of the year. The magic is that I’m certain there will be habits I develop durin the next 90 days that I’ll be able to leverage in the other parts of my life too.

Stay Tuned as I put this area of my Self Development to the test!