Note: To get the most out of this day’s training, listen to the Audio recording as you read it. This increases retention as it stimulates more than one of your senses and will give you an extra advantage over those who assimilate information purely through sight, alone.

Before I explain how to discover the Visionary within yourself, it’s important that we delve into the inner workings of what an ‘Entrepreneurial-Mindset’ is and how vital it is that you attain one immediately. Like right now. Yes, now. What, like you have something better to do than change your life? Right, so let’s get started…

What Is This ‘Mindset’ Thing?

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
– Abraham Lincoln

For the uninitiated, the concept of mindset may seem airy-fairy but take note that even the greatest athletes spend a large amount of time sharpening the saw that is their mind before ever engaging their bodies. These men and women were taught early in life that mental preparation trumped physical practice every time and having this outlook on developing oneself and focusing on what you want is at the essence of what having a success mindset is.

A well-known example of this is Roger Bannister who, in 1954, broke the four-minute mile belief barrier. A belief that for thousands of years had prevented anyone from running a mile in less than four minutes. He achieved this by, in addition to training, rehearsing again and again the actual event until he’d created the unquestionable reference of his capacity, within himself. The result is forever in the history books but the bigger impact of this achievement was it’s effect on other runners, 37 of whom, within the next year, went on to break the four-minute mile as well.

Alright, You Got Me Josh But What Is An E-Mindset?

“The entrepreneur is not really interested in doing the work; he is interested in creating the way the company operates. In that regard, the entrepreneur is an inventor. He or she loves to invent, but does not love to manufacture or sell or distribute what he or she invents.”
– Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth

In one sentence, it’s similar to having a success mindset for life but more finely attuned to the pursuit of opportunity and prosperity for the many over the one.
…What?…You asked, didn’t you? Let me elaborate..

Having an E-Mindset means having the desire to succeed but more than that, it’s having the desire to create something that will continue to succeed even after it’s left your hands. It’s having the foresight to know it’ll continue to not only benefit yourself but others as well, be they business partners, employees or, of course, customers.

Now, although there is this fundamental distinction, the basics of having a mindset remain the same so the question remains whether you have what it takes?

Discovering The Visionary Within

“The entrepreneur is our visionary, the creator in each of us. We’re born with that quality and it defines our lives as we respond to what we see, hear, feel, and experience.”

– Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth

I’m certain you can relate to being 10 years old and telling your fellow classmates how you wanted to be a Fireman, Baker or Doctor when you grew up. But the important thing to remember is that despite never being exposed to the idea of running a company (unless we had the good fortune to have a family member who owned a business or had a passion that paid for itself), our very desire to become something and create a life that would complete us, encapsulates what it means to be a Visionary. The above quote by Michael Gerber put it best.

With this in mind, it should be self-evident that every one of us has the entrepreneurial itch, though due to our individual circumstance, some may have rechanneled that energy into planning out our careers or jobs instead of designing our businesses and lifestyles.

Nothing wrong with this as such but as an example, picture being passionate about online marketing and wanting to be the best internet marketer in your firm. You could be very successful at the salary of an employee OR you could enjoy that success by owning a firm that has systems in place to deliver predictable and scalable results time after time. Oh, and at a higher salary no less.

You would still be enjoying your passion while getting more time and financial freedom to spend time on other pursuits like family, hobbies or other business ventures.

The Visionary is the child within that tells you anything is possible and encourages you to pursue your dreams.

The biggest example I can think of is an experience shared by Cameron Johnson in an exclusive interview you can check out on our site. In it, he talked about his biggest asset being not knowing he couldn’t do something. His account focused on how, at the age of 9, he chose to build a business because he’d seen how successful Donald Trump was. More importantly, he chose to pursue it because he had no idea that a 9 year old couldn’t be successful at business. He later went on to become a millionaire before he finished high school.

So How Do I Know If I’m A Visionary?

“If, when you wake up in the morning, you can think of nothing but writing…then you’re a writer.”
– Deloris Van Cartier, Sister Act 2

Frankly, the fact your reading this means you are a Visionary. Everything from your awareness of your own limitations to your desire to eliminate them by subscribing to this eCourse speaks volumes to the creative power you possess.

The real question, however, is not whether you’re a Visionary but why, despite being one, you find yourself still living a life less full. The answer to this question is simply that you’ve never known any different.

You were possibly never taught about “Living An Exceptional Life” as Jim Rohn likes to put it. You were also probably never shown how to turn your passion into profit or even dare to imagine yourself not working a 9-5. This is what we will cover in the following days of this course

Action Steps For Day #1

Now that you understand what it means to have an E-Mindset it’s time to take what you know and apply it. Time to complete this section should be no more than 15 minutes though in essence, it can be as short or as long as you want. Remember, you’re not reading this to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside or have something new to talk about at the water cooler so grab a writing pad, journal or open up a Google Document because here’s what you need to do before the end of the day:

Action Step #1

In no less than four sentences, describe what you wanted to be as a child (recall the ‘show and tell’ section above). Relive the excitement of it all as you imagined, as a child, who you would become when you grew up. Recognise the references you created back then (i.e. always looking at a firetruck as it drove past, learning how to bake from your mom) and commit the emotions attached to those references to paper.

Action Step #2

In another four sentences or less, describe what you want to be in the near future, calling up those feelings of excitement and anticipation as you think of all the joy you could have in your life and all happiness you could share. Don’t be bashful as this is for your eyes only. Remember: No one else has to see this but it is important that you allow your mind to explore the possibilities and materialise them with ink.

Action Step #3

In the final four sentences or more I want you to write what you envision who you will become as a person once you’ve achieved the vision you detailed in Action Step #2. Keep in mind that the situation you find yourself in at this very moment is a direct result of the person you are this instant. So it stands to reason that In order to have a better life, you, first, must become a better person. With this in mind, set about describing in great detail the kind of person you will be. Detail how your present weaknesses are shadows of the past to your future self. Passionately note how you’ve turned them into huge strengths that serve to empower not only yourself but others around you. Go to great length and spare no expense because this is the first day of the rest of your life.

Extra Credit Challenge

This step is optional as I can appreciate that not everyone is as eager to put themselves out there as me. But for those ready to take huge action TODAY, the challenge is to click the link below and act on what you read:

Preparation for Day #2

Tomorrow we’ll delve deeper into understanding your current mindset, it’s strengths and weaknesses and what you need to change if you’re ever to reach your destination.

Hopefully, realizing your as much of a visionary as anyone else will be the motivator that takes you to Day #2 Self-Retrospective!

Looking forward,

Josh Roa

PS. If you’re ready to go the extra step with the development of your E-Mindset, I encourage you to check out Michael E. Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited and Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, two books I regularly revisit. Don’t worry about Sister Act 2, that just happened to be playing as I wrote this Day.

PSS. If you choose not to act today on the action steps for Day #1, you can use the link below to unsubscribe as you’ve probably got a number of courses you haven’t followed up on and I can only afford to devote my time to people who want to change their lives today!

PSSS. Still a skeptic? Check out the handful of Entreprenuers and Lifestyle Designers I’ve interviewed over the past year and see how their mindsets rocked their worlds!