The Secret Behind How I Received Over $15,000.00 Worth Of Training FOR FREE & How You Can Too!

Seems incredible right? How a person can spend no money at all and yet receive more than $10K worth of investment, business and online training but I promise you it’s all true and I’ll tell you how you can do the same if you read on!

Where it all began…

It was less than 3 months ago that I was planning out my year because I’ll be honest, I’d put off setting all of my goals like everyone else. It wasn’t until I was having my Mastermind group that I decided to write out my goals. These covered every part of my life, from relationships to personal development, business objectives to spiritual fulfillment but unlike the other years, I felt this years goals were going to bear a different result.

You see, for the last 4 or 5 years there had emerged, a pattern of writing transitional goals. And I don’t mean it in the sense that these goals turned into new ones on the eve of the next year, I mean in the sense that the same goals were transitioning from one year to the next, still unaccomplished.

So in a bid to be more effective, I chose to step back on a few of these goals as well as add completely different ones. One of the different goals I set for 2011 was to attend my first seminar. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off given that the only seminars I wanted to attend were wealth building, personal development or internet marketing events and I hadn’t seen any of these events advertised in the local paper but I kept an open mind nonetheless.

Over the course of the next month, I received an opportunity for a new role with an Internet Marketing company which worked exclusively with blue chip companies and I was excited to get on board (this, by the way, addressed more than a few of my business goals for 2011 as well). The best part was that it was a 4 day week, freeing me to work on my own projects one day a week.

How I received my FREE training – PART 1

It wasn’t until I’d wrapped up my old job that I received a call from my mastermind member saying that he had 2 tickets for the 21st Century Academy Education for Life event at the end of February. This event covered investing in shares & real estate, trading eminis and internet marketing and as it ran from Friday to Monday, my new job afforded the flexibility to attend every day. The great part was that to attend this event, you needed to be an academy member, 5-year memberships priced at more than AU$5,000.00! To say I was psyched was an understatement.

How I received my FREE training – PART 2

During the event, there was plenty of opportunity to network, interact and take action. One such example was the group activities run through the weekend, aimed at keeping people engaged over the long 15 hour days and promoting camaraderie with your team members. This particular activity turned out to be very productive for my team as we ended up winning the group competition, resulting in each of us receiving tickets to the Internet & Business Mastery Seminar in Brisbane, valued at AU$1,995.00. The benefit of this seminar is that Armand Morin was a regular speaker and what better chance was there to talk to one of the most successful Internet Marketers in the world than this?

So after letting all this seep in, I went home with the objective of joining the Academy. I recalled that a few people has gotten a scholarship so I applied online and accepted that it was going to happen one way or another by simply saying “Thank You” (important key to remember at the end). Two days later, I received confirmation of acceptance and was pleased to find out that I received the following things as part of it:

•   21st Century Homestudy Program Valued at $4995.
•   Attend unlimited 4 day events for 5 years* Valued at $2995.
•   Attend unlimited seminars for 5 years*
•   5 Years Support* Valued at $997.
•   Internet and Business Homestudy**Valued at $1995.
•   Access To All Services – Property Direct****, Finance, Accounting, Broking
•   Bring A Teenager. Valued at $997.
•   Bring A Friend Offer. Valued at $4995.

That’s a Total Value of $16,974.00.

Now to most, that might sound awesome in and of itself but I can honestly tell you that after meeting the people I’ve met and learning the tactics they shared with me, attending that single event has an estimated worth of more than $290,000.00 over the next 12 months for me specifically, I kid you not. The kicker is I didn’t even learn these tactics from one of the speakers but from a VIP member attending the after party on the last day!

Since then, I’ve set up a new company in the last week, to take advantage of the momentum I’ve enjoyed over the last fortnight. I also now have an extended network of share traders and internet marketers I can communicate with and I’m 100% certain its because of this little secret…

The Secret revealed…

You see, at the beginning of this, I mentioned that I had a secret I was going to share with you. I credit this secret for allowing certain events to align and actions to take place, pushing me into the current of success I’m experiencing day-to-day. This secret, I believe, has the power to do even more if I apply it correctly and don’t lose sight of what I’m doing, thus, I’m giving it to you too. The secret I’ve been talking about is an audio recording I’ve listened to over the last 6 months but only sought to apply 3 months ago. It is of a speech given by John Earl Shoaff, the mentor of the great late Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn, who talks about exactly what  a person needs to do to get everything they want out of life.

Listen to the recording below and do what Mr. Shoaff says.  Besides, what have you got to lose from listening to the man who turned Jim Rohn into a millionaire by the age of 31? By today’s standards, that’s a little more than $7.4 Million so I don’t know about you but I’ll take all the help I can get!

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