JR 007: Business Tactics Between Bike Tours, From Trade Me Insider Michael “MOD” O’Donnell

Imagine being one of the key players in the building of a company that would grow to be the largest eCommerce entity in the country and sell for more than $750 million. For Michael “MOD” O’Donnell, Head of Operations at Trade Me, there was no imagination necessary. From the formative years of Trade Me, helping after-hours to create what would later become the Trade Me Motors Division, to today, where he manages 90 employees tasked with protecting its 2.8M members, MOD has picked up a few pearls of wisdom over the years.

Now, if you’re anything like me, than you’re dying to learn what these pearls are and how to apply them in your own business so it’s only fitting that we go to one of the key deal-makers of Trade Me and ask him the questions which relate best to growing a business online and building oneself as an authority in your market.

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What You’ll Learn In This Interview:

  • How he became a key decision maker at Trade Me
  • The thought process used to ensure the team stayed customer-centric
  • Three types of businesses which attempt integrated marketing and why you don’t want to be the first two!
  • The #1 Tip you need to remember in order to succeed in any type of business both online and off!

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This interview is really going to hit home with small businesses struggling to find the best way of approaching larger, more established companies in a bid to JV or integrate your marketing with theirs. If you have an example of doing something similar, share your experience in a paragraph or more for others to see and learn from. Leave your name in the comment box so we can all either sing your praises or toast to a worthy attempt!