JR 008: $1.5M Turnover to $1.5M in Debt and Back! Dave Sheahan Reveals All…

Dave Sheahan

For many, the thought of being $1.5M in debt might be enough to send you looking for the nearest roof to jump off – and not just because of the money. The shame, guilt, thought of failure, all of these would break a person down unless they knew how to deal with such a setback and such a man is exactly who we’ll be hearing from in this interview.

Dave Sheahan has gone from being on the very top to crawling from the very bottom and he’s learned several secrets that will help anyone interested in building both a better body and a better bank account too.

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What You’ll Learn In This Interview:

  • The dangers of rapid growth within your business
  • 7 Steps to Success when placed in a seemingly insurmountable situation
  • Dave’s #1 Tip to building momentum when faced with a difficult day
  • Dave’s formula for succeeding at Social Media (and magic ratio that works every time)
  • 4 steps to becoming an author and why a book is your best business card

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