JR 009: How John Jonas Makes A Full-Time Living in a 17-Hour Week! And You Can Too…

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One fatal flaw many first-time business owners have is working in their business as opposed to on it. And this is the flaw that continues to undo many would-be business owners who turn back to a full time job for someone else, doing something other than what they know and love.

I know because I’ve been one of those business owners who was ignorant to the business of growing a business. This cost me dearly in the past but thank fully didn’t continue once I met John Jonas, a man who has served as an inspiring mentor for me.

It was through John that I learned about becoming a manager as opposed to the person who required managing. Thanks to John, I was able to set up systems which freed me up to focus on more important things like sales and strategy and he is going to share some incredible stories and advice on freeing yourself up to do that which matters most to you.

For some it might be spending more time with family. Others, it might be focusing on other projects or giving back to the community. Whatever it is, John has some sound tips on freeing yourself up to live the life you’ve always wanted without it costing you the earth.

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What You’ll Learn In This Interview:

  • How John’s strategy frees him up to work no more than 17-hours a week
  • Hiring full-time Virtual Assistants vs. Hiring Contractors
  • How ReplaceMyself.com helps you to grow your business
  • The benefits of hiring a Filipino employee
  • How to get on a FREE Webinar where John show’s you the right way to use a full-time employee
  • John’s #1 Outsourcing Tip that is guaranteed to help you grow your business!

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