JR 010: Irish Polyglot, Benny Lewis Shares His #1 Tip For Becoming Fluent in 3 Months!

Benny Lewis - Irish Polyglot - Fluent in 3 Months

Learning any language I wanted has always been a passion of mine. I had the opportunity to pursue this with a short stint in Shanghai after my wife and I got married but my conversational Mandarin was less than conversational and I’ve always wanted to finish speaking Mandarin. This is why the chance to interview Irish Polyglot, Benny Lewis, last year on the shores of the Philippines, was too good to pass up!

Benny has become renowned in the Travel and Language niche as the go-to guy for learning languages as he’s traveled to many countries learning upwards of 9 languages by my last count. He has spoken at a couple well known conferences, one of them being TEDx (an independent offshoot of TED) and his insights have motivated and empowered many to take their passive aspirations for learning languages and turn them into proactive action. I myself can attest to this after choosing to get off my ass and resume learning Mandarin again (with the aid of a friendly Chinese Neighbor who was a Mandarin teacher back in Beijing).

The other aspect that makes Benny incredibly unique from past interviewees is the fact he’s made his polyglot pursuit all about the experience, completely disinterested in chasing the dollar and pitching for profit. Does that mean he lives on the streets and pan-handles? HELL NO! What it means is he follows his passion for learning languages and helping others, and the rest is made available to him. If you think I’m waffling, then listen to the interview where Benny puts me straight about how RSS subscribers and email lists mean absolutely nothing to him and why they should mean equally as much to everyone else too!

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What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • Benny’s story on becoming a polyglot.
  • Benny’s unconventional approach to learning a language and why it’s  something 9 out of 10 people will never do.
  • Why its important to be a smart marketer
  • The one thing responsible for people failing to attract a strong following.
  • Why Benny’s first product was a ‘Guide’ and not yet another eBook?
  • Why Benny can’t stand cheese… (and it’s not what you think)…
  • A cool trick for traveling overseas on a shoestring budget and how it will actually accelerate your language learning curve.
  • What Benny’s #1 Tip is for learning any language you want!

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  • Orin

    Benny Lewis is an unemployed blogger with tons of credit card debt and he charges nearly $100 for his book. So most of the things you wrote about him seem to be incorrect. He’s nothing more than a talentless polygloat.

    • http://www.joshroa.com Josh

      Hey Orin,

      Think we’re reading two very different articles in that case. I’m not privy to Benny’s credit history but I’ve certainly never claimed he was employed or disclosed the pricepoint of his book at all from what I can see.

      If you feel Benny doesn’t bring value to the many people out there who look for motivation and support in learning another language, I respect that. I choose to look at the better sides of a person, just as I choose to believe you are more than the sum of your own comments and have a history with Benny which draws you to say what you have – however defamatory of my own writing.

      To follow with that, who have you found to be an inspiration for yourself, when it comes to learning another language (or what products and resources would you recommend)?