Over 40 Blogging Tools & Internet Marketing Services For Growing Your Business

blogging toolsFor the last three years, I’ve invested a serious amount of time (ask my wife) in testing many web tools as I walked the blogging and internet marketing path and it’s led me to finding a select number of blogging tools and internet marketing services that have really helped me to grow my personal brand and consulting business.

Some of these range from finding the best registrar for a new domain to getting a press release written for the launch of a new website. I’d be lying if I told you that I’d lost a bit of money and time after buying a service or tool only to learn later on that it was poorly supported or just didn’t fit my needs. Thankfully, you don’t have to bear the same burden as I’ve created a list of tools and services I currently use and am confident in recommending.

Below I’ve listed just 7 of these tools and recommend that if you want to see the complete list of over 40 blogger tools and internet marketing services, click on the link at the bottom of the page to check them all out.

7 Internet Marketing & Blogging Tools I Use Every Week

  1. WordPress – Perfect platform for blogging and given I regularly post content on my blogs at least one a week, there’s no doubt that it should be the first one listed.
  2. Bluehost – There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by where I don’t need to monitor, change or upload a site, email account or file present on the server, making Bluehost the logical send choice. he fact that it has cPanel takes a lot of the pain away, allowing me to create directories, install websites and edit files without relying solely on doing so via FTP.
  3. Thesis Theme – If I didn’t have Thesis, I would be heavily reliant on a programmer to make incremental changes to my many sites. Having the flexibility to make simple changes like the size and placement of a menu, main content column and sidebar is the reason I moved to Thesis. It’s an added bonus that it is already optimised for Google, Yahoo and Bing and the proof is in the pudding with JoshRoa.com ranking for several powerful keywords like Internet Millionaires.
  4. Google Analytics – Though one of the carnal weaknesses of many first-time bloggers, G Analytics has more value than serving as an ego boost for the less-disciplined (of which I had a premium membership to). In fact, once you understand the greater of applications of Google Analytics on your site, it’s often the case that you find it easier to look at your blog or site as less of a hobby and more of a business. This is evident by the fact that you can set up Goals which will track your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) allowing you to make improvements along the way. Awesome powerful tool once you get to know it!
  5. Aweber – It took me some time to fully appreciate having an email marketing service but once I’d set up a few accounts and queued autorespeonders for each, I began to better appreciate the power of Aweber. I like the fact that it’s simple to creat a new list, customise optin messages and send timed or normal email out to a list. Over the next few weeks, I’m also looking to expand what I’ve currently done so that I can provide exclusive content to those that are on my list.
  6. Jing – This software has never put me wrong. It’s FREE, it’s fast and friggin simple to use! If you need to record your screen for a walkthrough or tutorial to workers or clients, Jing is perfect. You can also capture images and edit them later which makes it really easy for me to communicate any bugs or issues I run into when managing a client project. Highly recommended!
  7. TeamViewer – When I started working with a laptop and desktop pc, I often ran into issues with leaving cetain files on the other computer. TeamViewer helped out by letting me log onto either computer and access files, check on automated tasks (like article submission) or queue downloads while I’m away. Then, when I got my android TeamViewer app…well let’s just say, I’ve never looked back!

Now these are just 7 of over 40 bogging tools and internet marketing services I use for myself and my business and if you’re interested in seeing the other things I personally use, click on the link below.

Blogging Tools and Internet marketing Services

Also, if you know of other tools and services that you would swear by, leave the name and a description of the service in the comments below.