Why “Living On Purpose” Author, Jacob Sokol, Just Won’t Let Up – Exclusive Interview

When it comes to “conversating”, there are people who move you and people who don’t.

Simply put – Jacob, the author of Living On Purpose: An Uncommon Guide To Finding, Living and Rocking your Life’s Purpose, defines the latter:


He immerses himself in a space that for many, exists between dreamĀ  and dreary.

He thrives in the landscapes we’d painted for ourselves as children only to have them washed away by the rain of reality.

But most importantly, he is living proof of a life lived with purpose.

Here are three of but many gems you’ll want to listen to in the space of this 23 minute exclusive:

  • The Truth About How Happiness Works (it’s not what you think)
  • What killer question I put to Jacob that gives him the shivers…
  • How we are all programed for approval and how you may have been doing it all wrong!
  • BONUS: The greatest risk, should you ignore the last tip mentioned in this interview

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