22 Secrets About Myself I’ve Never Put Out There!

2011 is a big year. No, an EPIC year, maybe even tipped to be the most incredible year of my life! And why you might be asking..?? Well, I’m glad I asked for you-

Since starting this  little experiment of figuring out the “makings of money and success makers”, I’ve had the pleasure to meet incredible people on my journey. People who were crushing it online when they were still in high school, others who were living anywhere in the world while they continued to earn a 6 figure income and a select few who had a profound impact on me personally, when I was in need of a few choice words of encouragement and a point in the right direction.

These people have propelled me from being disillusioned and dissatisfied to finding a passion in my life that I have the distinct pleasure of sharing with others, an old passion to interact, discuss, sensophize and collaborate on ideas and projects that resonate with like-minded individuals in pursuit of similar goals of freedom and fulfillment.

This year however, I’ve made a goal to reach higher than ever before, not solely in vision either but in implementation as well, a failing that many an entrepreneur struggle with from time to time. Thankfully, I have a huge support network in the form of these new-found friends, my active mastermind compadre-in-crime and my ever-loving family. Through this network I’ve learned a great deal more about crushing it on the internet, being more accountable when it comes to meeting weekly targets and never giving up on a dream,regardless of how unrealistic.

An example is my improved understanding of how to be an affiliate, and my actually completing my first website, from taking Corbett Barr’s Affiliate Marketing For Beginners course.

Another example are the leaps and bounds that have come with getting a mastermind group together and having someone else hold me accountable to my goals. This has been a MAJOR move to success and its only been happening for the last month.

The last example, and one I’m most passionate about, is the recent development of what I’m proud to say will be my first JV Membership site with (wait for it) my dad. Let it sink in a minute…but seriously, if you’d told me 12 months ago that I’d be setting up a membership website with my father, I’d have looked at you sideways for a very long time. But, ironically, as it stands, this is one of the happiest things I could be doing at this stage because I’m able to help someone I care deeply about, to be successful at something I’ve spent the last 12 months mastering..

Now, with that out of the way, I did promise to reveal the 21 secrets I haven’t told anyone outside the circle of my very closest of friends and family so here goes:

21 Secrets Revealed

1. From the age of 5-12, I had the biggest crush on one of the prettiest girls at my school. Undoubtedly, my palpitations were lost in the greater orchestra that was the rest of the male population but mine was so bad I would religiously look for an apple with a strong stem to ensure it would break off at just the right letter.

2. I learned very early that humor won the races my body couldn’t. And don’t get me wrong, I didn’t rely solely on my comedic charm in my early years, in order to be accepted socially. It was just effortless and simply fun to quip and make jokes, especially when it meant you’d get a smile or laughter from that particular school crush. However, those early days were adequate training for the years to come.

3. At 8, I trained my kitten to jump onto a windowsill and pounce on a fly as it was trying to escape. It started off as “Follow the finger” but soon lead to a full scale wilderness hunt for more flies. Inadvertently, she would rip off their wings, at which point I would get my mother’s sewing needles out and commence the autopsy with a magnifying glass.

4. I bought my first comic at the age of 10 and still have every comic I ever bought sitting in a suitcase in the closet behind me. The way I see it, there will come a time where I won’t be able to do anything else in life accept read. At that point, when I’m 327 years old, I would like to pull those comics out one by one with my cyborg arm, and enjoy the nostalgia of reading them all over again. My wife just doesn’t understand but fellas, you know what I mean!

5. When I was ten, my brothers and I went over to the church car park next door and drew all the X-Men with my mother’s huge Chalk sticks. That took us all evening after school but we were really proud.

6. The next day, we didn’t have any more chalk so we played one way tennis with the Feijoas growing by the fence between the church and a rest home. It never actually occurred to us, exactly where all those feijoas were landing. I just knew I was hitting some of them really, really high. Hey, I was only 10 years old!

7. I know nearly every Disney song, after I grew up on Disney movies and musicals every Sunday because my parents didn’t want us to watch TV. As a result, I developed a quirky habit of busting into random songs or rants when a situation would present itself. Or not. I mean let’s be honest, every situation calls for one to say:

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

8. I love homemade pineapple cheesecake and my favorite dessert is Fruit Salad. Okay, well this one may not be so secret but it still needs to be said. The homemade cheesecake with the pineapple bits and passion fruit should just be illegal it’s that good. As for fruit salad, I’d love a magic bowl of it that you could never finish!

9. Jaws scared the crap out of me so much so that I don’t even like getting in a a deep olympic pool if I was alone. True story, I was about 12 and we turned up to an olympic pool and the only place we could swim was the deep end where the diving boards were and I’m talking 15 metres deep. I hated the deep water so much that I didn’t even like looking down into the water because it just faded into darkness and I didn’t want my mind to start dreaming up cool monsters that’d come up from the bottom.

10. Arachnophobia taught me how to sleep with my sheets tucked under my body so I was wrapped up in a cotton crysalis. Logically however, I realize I was just leaving my mouth, ears and nose as the sole point of contact for a spider, though my tiny 10 year old brain glazed over the details back then.

11. In two consecutive years, I won the annual school lolly selling competition, winning myself two 15 inch television sets. These competitions were where you would get a box of lollies containing about 20 packs of lollies you would sell for $2 each. As a bench mark, the 2nd place winner sold 7 boxes and took away a bike. I sold 22 boxes that first year and 18 the second. The irony of the situation was that I really wanted the bike but boy did those two TVs look sweet in my room! The secret: Delegation and Leverage

12. I’ve played musical instruments and sung in choirs since I was 5 years old. They include the piano, guitar, baritone saxophone, singing as a tenor (before I was 14), singing as a bass (after I was 14). I was actually doing very well at piano when I was in high school but my mom canceled it because, although I was getting good grades, it bugged her that I rarely practiced. As for singing, I even appeared on TV for a song we recorded in a studio. Our first and only (to date) experience in a recording studio. Can’t believe I’m showing you guys this!

13. I willingly chewed a bar of soap when I was 12. TRUE STORY: I had come in from outside to wash my hands and my mom had come into the bathroom to place a small hotel-sized bar of wrapped up soap next to me. Thinking it was chewing gum, I misinterpreted the placement of soap as a reward for coming in to wash up before tea and promptly tossed it in my mouth. It tasted disgusting!

14. I love to watch animations of all kind, Anime, Classical, 2D, 3D & more!! Exception to this is stop-motion because I remember the passionless memories of completing my own stop motion assignments back at college.

MUCHO RESPECTO to stop motion animators though!

Other than that, I love it all and the greatest thing is I have little daughters to indoctrinate into the world of cartoons and animated movies, the right way. This must be what Covey meant by Synergy, a perfect Win-Win scenario!

15. I still hang out, playing Tekken, with my two best friends whom I’ve known since I was 11. These guys, I’ve been with through thick and less-thick and I’ll probably still be hanging with them when our kids are whooping our butts at what could be Tekken 10 or 12 by that stage. Bring it on youngins, you’ve got a lot of work to do before you beat your dads!

16. I miss being a kid so much so that I like to remind my daughters how it’s really done. This requires that sometimes, when everyone will be watching a program, the adverts will come on and I’ll have an indescribable (contradictory, I know, given that I’m even now describing it to you) urge to get up and dance. The coolest thing is that this is a dork-free-window-of-uninhibited-expressive-dance with my daughters till they’re at least 6 or 7 so I have 5 years of awesomeness to enjoy. Very cool!

17. I am a scifi junkie. So much so that I bet few of you will ever recall the awesomeness that was Earth 2 and then, Space: Above and Beyond. Oh ho ho, that’s right, I said it. I like scifi and I’m not gonna change either. In fact, let’s pick a couple more shows of pure awesomeness; Farscape, Stargate SG1, BSG and of course Firefly! I like them so much that my bucket list includes becoming buddies with Richard Dean Anderson and starring in a Joss Whedon series but I’m getting ahead of myself..

18. I have a goal to be Joss Whedon’s muse in one of his future-cult-series-successes. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, you may be familiar with some of his work but does it sound too unrealistic for an Internet Entrepreneur? I don’t think so when you consider I was a 3D Animator considering the prospect of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur some 12 months ago! The coolest thing with this is that I remember the insane amount of longing I felt when Firefly was canceled (actually I didn’t because I didn’t watch the entire series until last month), the disappointment of not seeing further development of the story or characters and the emptiness that was left behind (yes, this was a dark 11-minutes on that particular Saturday afternoon). it was the same feeling I felt after Farscape was canceled and Richard Dean Anderson (better known to many as Macgyver) left Stargate SG1 in it’s  7th Season (or was it 8th). On the upside though, I believe I’m getting the hang of this ‘pursuit of happiness’ game and this year will certainly be an indicator of how great my potential really is.

19. I get a cruel pleasure out of Fly-Swatting, Josh Roa-Style. This usually requires the following: Myself, A Fly (preferably a blow fly) and an empty 3 Litre milk bottle. And before anyone gets up in arms over me being particularly mean, this cruel fate is reserved for only the most foolish of flies who dare to venture into my kitchen. But to be honest with you, I love the sound of a Blow Fly hitting that bottle and ricochetting off the wall or floor, but boy or those guys resilient!

20. The REAL reason I work as hard as I do isn’t for me, it’s for my family. And that really is the truth. In this time and this place, if you took away everyone I hold dear, you’d likely be taking my very air to breathe because I shudder to think how I’d get up from bed if my loved ones were gone tomorrow. For me, my families (be it my parents and brothers or my wife and children) have been instrumental in pushing me forward to do more, work smarter and network deeper with the goal of returning the joy they’ve given me by taking care of them in the years to come. A guy who crushes it in the mid 6-figure mark offline, asked me where I see myself in 5 years and he caught me off guard after our discussion but the one thing that kept on coming to my mind was, ‘I want to be taking care of my mom and dad after their entire lives had been spent taking care of me’. That’s basically it. Family is the #1 thing in my life and is the reason I have 4 hours sleep some nights and work 60 hour weeks on occasion.

21. My favorite toy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex Transformer called Grimlock that I still have to this day in a safe place although my wife has tried, on numerous occasions, to throw him away. Again, women don’t understand but transformers were a large part of my life when I was growing up. I remember spending countless hours just staring at the catalogue I had, imagining how many I could buy or get for Christmas if I was good. The catalogue itself eventually had to be taped together several times because I would just read it non-stop, causing the folds to tear. Later in life I would work at a video store where I learned the value in having wet wipes when handling videos from the adult section but I also had the opportunity to play transformers while I worked. Too cool!

22. I want to spread what I know/learn on a global scale, sharing as much as I can to as many people as possible. I don’t mean via this medium alone either. No, I want to be traveling to events, meeting people and getting in touch with people who are looking for an approach to life that works and can improve their circumstances significantly. My aim is to be the embodiment of everything I’m learning, a productive, successful individual, inter-personally confident, competent at building relationships and ever-eager to be of service.

So these are the things that very few would know about me but hopefully will give you an insight into who I am behind the photo, which is an easy-going family man who enjoys hanging with friends, helping out others and pushing my own potential to become better than I am.

Before I wrap up, I want to give credit to Corbett at CorbettBarr.com for motivating me to do this. His own post was very telling so I’m glad I got to do something similar. As for you the reader, I’d love for you to weigh in on the discussion and share some of the secrets you’ve been holding close to your chest! Post a comment at the bottom and tweet it to the world if you’re so inclined!