Search Engine Advertising and why I love it!

With 2011 heralding the 1 year anniversary of this journey into my own self development and personal success, I’d made it a goal to do things better this time around. And by ‘things’ I meant every ambiguous, non-descriptive bit of awesomeness I could pull out of my magician’s hat (Ineitherownnoraminthepossesionofanysuchmagicianorotherhatheretowithmentionedinthisarticle).

One particular idea was to have my own Internet Marketing company. This was stymied, however, by my obligations as an SEO Consultant myself but the fire never quite died out. In fact, it was after a chance encounter with a gentleman at a seminar earlier this year (am I being ambiguous enough?), that I realised the true opportunity out there for companies able to deliver professional SEO and SEM services to companies looking to move from offline advertising, onto online advertising. And if that realisation wasn’t enough, I was welcomed with open arms into his home to meet and discuss ideas of interest with him and his fiancè. To say the seminar paid its way would be a severe understatement and a more accurate (although highly overused) term would be that it changed my life.

And so I went home that day, registered a domain and put together a website to start off with. I registered the company and once that was done (within the week), I began my market research. A few weeks later, I took advantage of a contra deal with one of my clients to get some business cards and another week later, they arrived in the mail. Since then I’ve continued to build out the website and the progress is coming along nicely.

The great thing about this business is that I had a grand view of how I would operate my online businesses and they all at some point or another, plugged into this marketing company. Obviously, this only applied to my marketing-related businesses but it’s great to see the seeds of progress.

I’m actually really excited to see where it takes me given the journey I’ve had with my digital design firm to date so I’ll definitely keep this project in circulation.

So keep it locked to see how my Search Engine Advertising venture plays out, for now though – I is out!