JR 004: Millionaire Shot Caller, Cameron Johnson, Puts It Out There!

There really is no better way to put it, this post is AWESOME. And not because it’s my 4th ever interview but because it’s my first EVER interview with a MILLIONAIRE, a really great guy by the name of Cameron Johnson. Knowing what’s contained in this interview, I’m tempted to chuck on some Khaki shorts and put my listeners through my best Steve Irwin impersonation , like I’d just discovered a rare species of Entrepreneur.

Truth be told, I didn’t do any impersonations in this interview but I can guarantee that once you listen to this interview, you will never reflect back on your teen years in quite the same way.

Picture yourself just 9 years old, traveling to New York to receive a personal invitation from Donald Trump to take a tour of the Hotel room used in Home Alone 2. Fast forward a few months and you’ve started a printing business run from home before selling beanie babies online eventually to become a millionaire while still in high school.

Seems pretty unreal, I know, but I wouldn’t lie to you my committed readers/listeners. So if you want to know more about the very young man behind the success, click above to listen to the interview or simply download it via the link below!

Right Click Here to download the mp3

What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • How putting yourself out there is the first step to success.
  • Why Naivety can be a good thing!
  • You Call The Shots by Cameron Johnson
  • How Donald Trump helped Cameron Johnson start a business at the age of nine.
  • The #1 worst and best thing you can do when networking with successful people.
  • Why starting a small business is the key to creating a large empire.
  • How Ford Motor Group took on Cameron, and lost!
  • The most common fear of most entrepreneurs.

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  • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

    After listening to this interview again, I think I’m going to be watching Home Alone 2 again this weekend.

    Who’s with me?