JR 006: Taking Up “The Call To Awesomeness” with Nathan Agin

When one reflects on the tumultuous state of today’s economy and on how difficult it is to separate oneself from the mayhem, many of us get caught up in the day-to-day grind, forgetting completely how to truly live. One man who challenges this, as well as the primary purpose in life is Nathan Agin, the man behind NonstopAwesomeness.me

Nathan first popped onto my radar after talking to a previous interviewee, Jacob Sokol, about other cool people who were making waves online. Though many people validate worth by wealth, our conversation centred around the most unconventional people we knew (or as Jacob prefers to recognise them as, The Unrealistic).

Nathan was one such person, given he’d gone native on the concept of adopting a “part-time pursuit of your passion with full-time awesomeness”. He’d put this into practice by sidestepping from his career as an actor, packing minimal belongings and relocating to Hawaii on a quest to attune himself to his on ‘genius’. This lateral shift allowed him the freedom to gain insight into how he could more effectively gain the things he really desired in life and help others to do the same.

Obviously, such a person doesn’t come along every day so I reached out to Nathan who was only too happy to share how his perception of life had shifted not only his paradigm but the paradigms of others, drawn to the peculiar attraction created by his simple, yet grossly underestimated approach to life. This approach covers common misconceptions held by those paralysed by their dreams, as well as how people can get everything they want in life, if they only heed the steps he mentions in this exclusive interivew.

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What You’ll Learn In This Interview:

  • Why what people are really seeking IS NOT a meaning to life
  • How anyone can transition to working
  • What started Nathan on the path of one-on-one coaching
  • Finding the answer to the question of “What is your genius?”
  • Why so many people never accomplish their dreams
  • How to know what your true passion is in life
  • BONUS: Why you should NEVER be afraid to get caught out in an interview and how to turn it around!

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  • http://www.nonstopawesomeness.me/ Nathan Agin

    Thanks so much, Josh – really loved chatting with ya! Interested to hear what others think – like we talked about, let’s keep the conversation going! And I can’t wait to see you on a sci-fi series! :-)

  • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

    My man!

    Hopefully the wait determines the magnitude of the work you do in years to come. I know it’ll have a long-standing impact on the way I perceive choices in my life.

    Now onward and upward to cult series success! :)

  • Michael

    hey guys just listened to the podcast. Josh, you were dead right – I related to that 30 seconds of off-the-cuff awkwardness just as well as the 40 minutes of interview beforehand……. seriously some good tips there.
    Knowing what your passion is and having the courage to follow it is one thing; finding your passion in the first place is quite another. I’m working on that atm and believe me, its frustrating!

  • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

    Thanks Michael.
    Its, forgive the pun, ‘awesome’ to hear someone else reiterating the fact that following your passion is the truest path to walk.
    Let us both know how you go as we passionate types have got to stick together!