JR 003: Getting Unreal with Jacob Sokol of Sensophy.com

This episode is the epitomy of awesomeness – mixing a young, Queens-native with some sage wisdom which has led to the most incredible, dare I say, unrealistic thing you’d ever think of, happening on the web. Do I have your attention? Then please continue..

With a truly unreal story to tell, Jacob Sokol is a young man to pay attention to.

Imagine being in your twenties and deciding you were going to take a multi-millionaire, you’d never met before in your life, to a football game. Sound like a normal part of your day? I’d wager not but this isn’t the end of the story, in fact, going back you learn a lot more about the man who went from having a well-paying IT job in Madison Square to being a new-age philosopher, focused on happiness and never afraid to take up a challenge, no matter how impossible the odds.

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What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • The power of breaking patterns and finding the truer meaning in life.
  • The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
  • Man’s Search For Ultimate Meaning by Victor E. Frankl
  • What the most important currency in this world REALLY is.
  • How to use an Appreciation Journal.
  • What are Fundamentals?
  • What happens to your peer group when you commit to a life of success and study.
  • What Victor E. Frankl told Jacob about striving for success.
  • What the true key to Life Success is.

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Check out Jacob’s guide for living a Life of Purpose,

The Sensophy Way by clicking here!

  • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share Josh. Hope your community gets something outta’ it. Would love to hear from them as well! Chat soon…

    • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

      The pleasure was all mine buddy. Even listening to it again, I still got so much from the Victor E. Frankl portion of the Interview. I’ll be recommending people check this one out for many months to come.

      • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

        Dude – the “ah ha” moment was all over your voice – love it!

        • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

          I gotta admit man, the energy was definitely infectious. Be interesting to see how I do with future interviews and how long before I experience another laughter-filled session.

          …though I fear that might not happen until we do a Jacob Sokol Revisited interview in 6 months time! :)

          • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

            call me in 80 days.

          • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

            Well played sir, well played indeed.

            Seems things are about to get very interesting over the next 2 months for both of us. Let the games begin!

          • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

            I been playing for a while – sounds like you’ve got some catching up to do! 😉

          • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

            Famous last words.

            Note to all: Nothing like a little tom-mockery to throttle one out of idle mediocrity.

            I’ll take that challenge and add it to my wall. 80 days it is!

          • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol


  • http://mikebridgman.com Mike Bridgman

    Totally inspiring interview! Definitely jam packed with lots of wisdom…Jacob’s energy is infectious. Thanks Josh, looking forward to more from you.

    • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

      Thanks for that Mike, Jacob certainly has a gift which is why you could tell this was one of my most enjoyable interviews to date. Hope you checked out his epic post from 48 bloggers on getting down with their unrealistic selves. I’m privileged to make the list with such superbloggers as Brian Johnson, Seth Godin, Corbett Barr and Pat Flynn, people I look forward to interviewing in the months to come!

      Enjoyed the eye candy on your website too, if Foxycart can’t be swayed, I say we band together and make a Foxiercart.com website to share those sweet designs!

      • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

        thanx bro! stoked u joined the “48” post too.

    • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

      WOW dude! Thanks so much – i am fucking thrilled that it touched you! Yeah, i said it. Looking fwd to creating our ideal lives together as we move forward into growth!! Chat soon.

  • http://www.spheroid.eu Jean Paul AZZURRO

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for this great and interesting interview. A pleasure to listen to.

    • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

      Glad to hear you got some great stuff from the content JP. Goes to show that when you commit to living a particular way, everything can converge to create it. Mind if I ask what stood out for you?

      • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

        Love the engagement dude.. keep rocking!

    • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

      Thanx so much for engaging with us JP… Chat soon!!

  • http://minimalismdefined.com jenny smythe

    i’m glad it was an audio interview. much more interesting versus a post interview. got me the chance to know more about how I can ‘break away from the rat race’ as well!

    • http://www.joshroa.com/ Josh

      You hit the nail on the head Jenny.

      The great is everyone has a different approach to it as well. For Jacob, it was focusing on inner growth i.e. meditation, happiness, etc. In my interview with Corbett, it was Lifestyle Design using affiliate marketing as the vehicle and Cameron talks about starting the conventional small business and scaling, as being the way he went about getting “out of the rat race” (in fact, he’s never even seen the rat race. If you’ve listened to my interview, you’ll know what I mean).

      That’s why I love these interviews, they’re individual accounts of great people, each reaching success in very different ways.

      Don’t be a stranger because this is just the beginning!

    • http://www.Sensophy.com Jacob Sokol

      Stoked that you got something from it Jenny -=)