JR 001: Makenzie Kelly – Advice from an ADVENTUROUS MOM

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a treat for everyone, my very first Entrepreneur-In-Action Interview with Makenzie Kelly from Adventurousmom.com. Makenzie was kind enough to give of her time in a recent phone interview which you can either listen to, read or what I suggest, do both. I’m sure you will get great information from what Makenzie has to offer, especially those mothers out there just bursting with entrepreneurial potential!

As a note, with all first times, this exercise was not without its hiccups. You will notice a faint glitch for the first 31 seconds of the recording but after that, the audio is good.

I’d appreciate your comments on how this initial interview went and encourage you to submit questions you would like considered for future interviews or maybe even a followup with your favorite entrepreneur. Enjoy!

JOSH ROA: Okay everyone, this is Josh Roa at joshroa.com and it is my great pleasure to be able to interview Mackenzie Kelly today. How are you Mackenzie?

MAKENZIE KELLY: I’m doing great, Josh, thank you so much. I really appreciate being here.

JOSH: Now I’ve really been looking forward to this interview for the past week, since we initially exchanged emails and discussed a couple of things. So, for those of my readers who are currently unaware of or heard very little from your side from my introductory post that I did that a couple of nights ago? Would you mind giving a brief description of yourself and your background, and what you kinda do?

MAKENZIE: Oh boy, okay. Well, my name is Mackenzie Kelly and I am a mom, obviously. And I’m an entrepreneur and back in November, I decided to, I guess, retire, I don’t know, what would you call it? [Laughter]. I decided to take a step down from my business. I was one of several partners in the Ambulance Company and decided to take a step down, and spend more time with my kids. And startup with internet businesses and see how well I did with that and I have a couple of businesses, kind of, in the works and I have one actually going right now.

I’m actually really, really excited and really blessed to be able to have this opportunity to do this and, you know, I think, for me, time is the most valuable thing much more than money. Even though I know that money is really important but time is, I think, far more important than money. So that’s why I’m here and that’s, kinda, the kind of message that I want to spread and share with everybody.

JOSH: Awesome. I think, as well, to an extent, you’re grateful for this opportunity but I think even more so, a lot of my readers are gonna get so much amazing content from being able to see what you’ve experienced and hear what you have to say. I mean, at the very end of, and it’s one of those learning curves that I’m just starting to pick up on. It’s just a great opportunity of being able to receive every time you give away. So, I can –

MAKENZIE: You know that’s really true. It’s very true.

JOSH: Now you’ve mentioned that you’ve had a business running and you’re a partner in that business. How long, would you mind going into a little bit of detail about that company?

MAKENZIE: Are you talking about the one that I just retired from? Is that the one that you‘re talking about?

JOSH: Yeah.

MAKENZIE: Yeah. So it’s actually an Ambulance Company and it’s really, kind of, neat because, I think, a lot of people are kinda surprised that somebody can actually own ambulances. I think a lot of people think that either hospitals own ambulances as, or, I think in other countries, like the Red Cross owns ambulances. But, in the region where I’m from, a lot of ambulances are privately owned in privately held companies.

And so we came from, my partners and I came from the Emergency Medical Services field, I’m actually a paramedic. And we were working for another company that – we really had nowhere to go and we weren’t very happy working there. They didn’t treat their employees very well. And so we decided, “You know what? I think we can do this better. I think we can treat our employees better. I think we can provide better customer service”. And so we pretty much mortgaged our houses and we took out a bunch of money and, you know, we begged, borrowed and, you know, did whatever we could to scrape up enough capital to start. And we started over five years ago.

We started with only two ambulances and this year, we’re over twenty ambulances and we have 150 employees. We started with 6 employees and, you know, millions in revenues so I would have to say that’s pretty much a good, kinda, rags to riches story but –

JOSH: Yeah!

MAKENZIE: But it got to the point, for me where, you know, I was working in my business more than I was working on my business and it’s started to become a job for me. So that’s, kinda, when I had to take a step back and say, “You know what, is this really worth it for me?”

JOSH: Right.


JOSH: So at that, at that point when you were doing so many more hours than you would’ve loved to be doing. How many hours a week were you clocking in? Just for the readers to get an understanding of –

MAKENZIE: Yeah, some weeks it was about 50 hours a week and, you know, for some people that’s probably kinda normal but I have two, you know, small children at home. And I also have an injured husband too. So I was taking care of my husband and, also, taking care of the kids. So it was a lot more than what I could kinda juggle and be successful at, so there’s a lot.

JOSH: Right. And so for a lot of my readers who haven’t taken the opportunity and I apologize for not mentioning this at the beginning but towards the end of you coming to this decision where you wanted to leave your job and tone things down and start putting the focurs back onto your family. Was that the point at which you started adventurousmom.com?

MAKENZIE: That exactly was the point when I started it because I think that I wasn’t really the only one. And I was trying to, you know, come up with a way to, you know, it was for myself too, so partially for selfish reasons, cause I had a lot I want to get off my chest and a lot I wanted to share. [Laughter]. But at the same time like, you know what I think I’m not the only one out there that has experience in this. I think I’m not the only out there that is absolutely overwhelmed and feeling like you’re just running this rat race and what for? Like really, what’s the price at the end? It isn’t, it isn’t the, you know, “Sweet! Now I’ve just worked, you know, 35 years and I get to retire now?” You know, that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to, you know, retire along and really enjoy my kids and watch them grow up. And enjoy my husband and actually be able to spend time with my family.

So, I started Adventurousmom to, you know, share with other readers what I had learned along the way. And then also, kinda, just get some feedback from other people, kinda, open it up to see what other people thought about it too. So I’ve actually got some really positive feedback. It’s kind of exciting, it’s really fun.

JOSH: Yeah. Now I can completely sympathize with your, you know, enthusiasm to be able to share things with everyone. I, as you will be well aware, on joshroa.com, take great joy in being able to have a little rant on a daily basis. So it works out quite well. And what I noticed on one of your initial posts is that, when you mentioned your injured husband, I read that he is a member of the Sheriff’s Department, is that correct?

MAKENZIE: That’s correct. Yeah. He was a motor officer with the Sheriff’s Department on under DUI taskforce. And he actually had two motorcycle injuries: the first one in 2007, he separated his left shoulder and had to go and have reconstruction on his left shoulder. He was out for about 9 months. When he went back to work, he was working for about 3 more months and was going after a reckless driver that was speeding on a one-lane road. And, you know, obviously not very safe so he decided to pursue that driver and ended getting, kinda, twisted up in a corner and slid out some gravel and crashed his motorcycle about 45 miles an hour. And went head on into the concrete and was knocked out and the only thing that he remembers was he woke up to his partner calling for a helicopter and a bystander was holding his spine. So he, at that point, decided not to move and he’s a really tough guy and he wanted to kinda get up and, you kinda, do the whole I’m-ok dance.


MAKENZIE: But he decided not to move and that was probably a good thing too think cause he had a pretty significant head injury and clavicle fracture, rib fractures, and subsequently he’s requiring back surgery which actually just found out today, that he’s got approved for back surgery. So we’re in the process of healing up and so it’s, kind of a, it’s a day to day process and for anybody who’s ever had an injured spouse or who’s  been injured themselves, you know that it’s a slow process and it takes a lot of patience. And that’s one thing that I have learned through this process. I haven’t always been a patient person but I definitely learned patience. So, you know, you kinda have to look for the silver lining and that’s it.

JOSH: And so how is this situation for you because I think it relates really to, I know a lot of my readers and, now listeners, aren’t going to be have specific situations where their spouses are being injured or family members that have been injured but, I recognize that everyone has challenges and everyone faces, you know, that certain amount of resistance when they decide to change their situation. And, obviously, you tried to do the same thing so, what has been, aside from learning the virtue of patience, what are the other lessons that you’ve picked up from this experience of leaving your job and trying to support your husband as he’s recovering as well as starting a business?

MAKENZIE: Yeah, oh man it’s, you know, you have to create space for yourself because I think that your head will start spinning. You know,  when you have so much stuff going on like that, you don’t know what day it is, you know, you don’t know up from down. You definitely have to create a little space for yourself and when I say that, I don’t mean like, I do mean physically like, you know, have a little spot for yourself to just sit and be able to be quiet.  But also, like, in your mind, you have to be able to have a place where you can go in your mind to, kind of, recenter when you start feeling like, you know, either the world is against you or this isn’t going right, or why is all this happening to me and then you have to really focus on your thoughts and what you’re thinking. And ask pertinent questions and ask yourself good questions. So don’t ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me?”

Because at some point everybody is like, if you’re gonna have something adverse happen to you and so it’s, your attitude and it’s your thought process really that is gonna make or break you at that point. And so the questions that you probably should be asking instead of “why is this happening to me?” is “what am I gonna be learning about this?” And, you know, and then also thinking, “How fortunate am I that I get to be healthy and I get to be smart and get to be wise and I get to go through this challenging times in my life.” So I think those are the most important and, you know, it’s – when you have challenging times like that, it really is a mental game and it’s an emotional game for me. And I think it is for a lot of other people and so you really have to watch the way that you talk to yourself.

JOSH: Right.

MAKENZIE: think that’s probably the biggest thing for me so –

JOSH: And so after going through these experiences. How has being and entrepreneur affected your family life, say currently, because obviously you said you set aside time for yourself which I think is really important, I mean, I was of the huge belief that if you – especially when you become a parent and that’s what I love about your web site is, and for everyone listening, I encourage you to check out the “about me” page on www.adventurousmom.com and on there you just ask an awesome question, which is “why do moms and parents quit adventure when they have kids?” and, I mean you couldn’t put me in a better box – that was the square and I was – it’s just where I needed to be. And yeah, what are your thoughts on that and family life?

MAKENZIE: Well I think that, you know, some people’s personalities are really meant for entrepreneurial kind of lives. I think it’s more of like a lifestyle than it is, say like, a job. Like being an entrepreneur isn’t like a job or like a task that you take on yourself, it’s a lifestyle and it’s somebody who is really independent and somebody who decides that they want to design their life the way that they want it and not the way that the world decides that it should be. And, you know, I’ve never really been one for the status quo.


You know my mom told me, when I was growing up, I really, really wanted to be a firefighter too and probably an astronaut at some point along the way. My mom told me that, you know, if she ever told me I couldn’t do something, I kinda have to prove her wrong. And so I think that was kinda like the first sign of being an entrepreneur. I was, “Really? You’re gonna tell me I can’t do that? Well, watch me, I’m gonna prove you wrong.”

And so – but, you know, I think maybe that entrepreneurial spirit is like that adventurous spirit but, you know, it works really well because now I get – I can work when I wanna work and I can have adventure when I wanna have adventure. And sometimes, you know, being a mom, adventure doesn’t mean that I’m gonna go, you know, climb Mount Everest or anything like that but, for me, adventure means, “Hey kids, let’s go to the snow and let’s go build a snowman and let’s go hike up to the top of the hill behind the school.” Or “Let’s go for a bike ride.” It’s like our little daily adventures but the fun thing is, is that now I can do that with my kids everyday. And I’m here when they come home from school and, you know, I could cook dinner for them. And, you know, all that really fun – just the daily adventures that I’ve missed out on when I was working so much. I think that it’s really – it’s important I think for everybody, you know, don’t sacrifice yourself, I guess, is what I want to say. Don’t sacrifice yourself for, you know, the game –

JOSH: Yeah.

MAKENZIE: — or the money or the rat race.

JOSH: Or the rat race. And I love how you touch on that and you mentioned the rat race. So, I guess I could, I’d like to lead into some of the material or resources that you use that have motivated you into fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that you had within you. And I might – I’m gonna take a stab and say, maybe you’ve read Rich Dad, Poor Dad?

MAKENZIE: Oh yeah! That was the one that started it all. [Laughter]. That was the book that I – if I’d never would’ve picked that one up, you know, 6 or 7 years ago, I wouldn’t be here today.

JOSH: Right.

MAKENZIE: And yeah that – when I picked that one up. And I don’t know, I don’t remember why I picked that one up but, man, is that book awesome or what?

JOSH: It is pretty –

MAKENZIE: I love it. Yeah, I love that book.

JOSH: And so what are some of the books that you’ve drawn great inspiration or motivation from over the years that you’ve, you know, decided you wanna change your life and just run it instead of allowing it to be run.

MAKENZIE: Right. One of them lately – there’s quite a few of them, cause I’m a big reader, I just love reading. The – anything by Anthony Robbins. There’s Unleash your Power, there’s a couple of other ones. But he, I would say, even though he kinda has an over the top kind of, I guess, persona. I think a lot of people are, kinda, would shy away from that.

JOSH: Yeah.

MAKENZIE: But I encourage people to, you know what, pick up a book and read it and don’t, you know, put aside whatever you think about Anthony Robbins. Put aside, you know, your thought about him as a person and read his information that he has on the pages because he is very smart and when you read it, you have to read it with an open mind. You will realize that the way that you’re thinking – that your mind has been controlling you instead of you controlling your mind. And that’s really, really important to be a successful person in general, and so he does a lot of what’s called “The Neuro-linguistic Programming”, NLP.

JOSH: Programming?

MAKENZIE: Yeah and I think that’s just amazing. That was just absolutely amazing and even now, you know, and it takes practice. It isn’t something that you just kinda pick up overnight. You really have to practice it. But, you know, he is of the philosophy that it’s, you know, you can change your emotions on a dime. You have to practice it a little bit but you can certainly decide even in — amidst the worst tragedy in the world, you can decide at this moment to be happy.

JOSH: Yup.

MAKENZIE: You know, and I think that’s just absolutely amazing. So that’s been – yeah, that’s been one of like the most amazing books for me that has kinda, like, changed my thought process and my thinking.

JOSH: Okay.

MAKENZIE: And then, obviously, The Four-hour Workweek with Tim Ferriss, another –

JOSH: Of course!

MAKENZIE: — fantastic [inaudible]

JOSH: How can we go without that one.

MAKENZIE: Yeah, actually one of my favorite books. And I’m still practicing on getting down to that four-hour work week but I think that – I think Tim’s philosophy is, you know, you kinda have to get your business up and going first before you can, kinda, pear down and get your systems automated and everything and then you can pear down to that four hours.

JOSH: Which leads down – sorry to interrupt you but –

MAKENZIE: It’s ok.

JOSH: But which leads me on to my next question which was systems and processes and I just wanted to hopefully get you to elaborate on what systems and processes you’ve set up. And I’m aware that you’re still in the process of setting up your online businesses. But what are the kind of processes that you have, at least in mind, to implement once you have them running and that will eventually enable you to, you know, live the adventurous lifestyle you desire.

MAKENZIE: Right. Well, I’ve already hired one virtual assistant and he’s working for me part-time and I absolutely love him. His name is Christian and he’s in the Philippines and he’s bending over backwards for me and I’m basically asking him to do the impossible and he’s figuring out how to do it. And, you know, I hired him just to be a virtual assistant and a web designer, but not really realizing that I wanted him to learn programming too. So he’s learning programming. [Laughter].

JOSH: Oh wow!

MAKENZIE: Yes, so he said, “Well, you know, I’m not really good at PHP, I kinda know a couple of other things here and there but, you know, I have some resources so I’m gonna learn PHP. So in that way, I’m gonna do PHP programming for you.”

JOSH: That is awesome.

MAKENZIE: And, you know, he is just – oh, he’s great, you know, and he is very much at my service and what-can-I-do-for-you-ma’am and so he is going to be, basically, my web designer and my web programmer, and my web master when we get these websites up and running. And it’s likely that I’ll need some more help when everything is up and running. So I’m definitely gonna utilize my virtual assistants in any capacity that I can, cause their cost is relatively low for the tech-work that they do. And then I’ve tried a couple of things, you know, I have tried some of the transcription services and things like that that I absolutely love. I don’t have them right now because I do not really need them cause I don’t field a lot of phone calls right now, unfortunately. But if I get to the point where –

JOSH: It’s only a matter of time, of course.

MAKENZIE: Right. Right, exactly. And then when I get to the point – I just love transcription services on your cell phone. It’s the best thing cause you can set somebody to voicemail and they talk into the transcription and then it comes up as an email with the wav file and it’s so nice cause it’s a perfect way to screen calls and, you know, cause some people really want to waste your time and talk to you about absolutely nothing and call you 15 times a day. Well, those people would go directly to voicemail.

JOSH: I’m not saying anything but I couldn’t nod my head anymore, so –

MAKENZIE: Yeah and actually I’ve very successfully skirted out of a live meeting, you know, this week’s one of my business partner’s is a big proponent of meetings. So I said, “Really? Do we really need to meet?” You know those people who really want to meet with you all the time just to feel your physical presence, I guess, is what it is. I’m not really quite sure what it is, I think they just like you being next to them or something. And so, I mean, I love her dearly, she’s like a sister to me but, you know, I didn’t find it really necessary that we meet as often as we do so I was able to do that. So it’s just a lot about, your systems are about recognizing how your time is spent and then figuring out ways to work smarter so that you can work less, I guess, so –

JOSH: And that’s – for the readers that are unaware, these inferences that are made to working less and trying to avoid meetings, don’t get confused, alright? Because this is – this is one the many points that Tim Ferriss outlines in his book The Fouh-hour Work Week. And it’s just goes to saying that working harder and doing more work was never better. And if you apply what, he mentions the 80/20 rule, then obviously that’s what Makenzie is putting into practice at this time or at the beginning of this week when she was out to, I would say, well, she was able to avoid the meeting. And then –

MAKENZIE: Right. Right. Like for instance it would’ve taken me an hour to drive to the office that she wanted to meet at, 45 minutes of pleasantries. You know, I don’t mind if it would’ve been a social meeting, that would’ve been perfectly fine with me. But put a glass of wine in my hand don’t make me stay in the office, you know. [Laughter].

And, you know, and then 15 minutes of actual work whereas I don’t think that it would’ve necessarily been, you know….so all in all, that would’ve been, you know, like a four hour time block out of my day just to go meet with her and sit there and do 15 minutes worth of work. Whereas, you know, we could do this over email very easily and we could do it over that phone in, you know, 20 minutes or so. So that’s – it’s, kind of, you know, being very protective of your time and realizing, you know, and we’re not proponents of not working but we’re proponents of getting thing done.

JOSH: Exactly.

MAKENZIE: Yes, that’s what it is.

JOSH: That’s awesome. If I can just lead on to one of the – I’d actually taken the liberty of asking some of my regular readers a few questions that they’d like to ask entrepreneurs and one of the questions that they wanted to have answered from you was “What 3 values do you consider the most important when, you know, aspiring to be an entrepreneur who’s independently successful?”

MAKENZIE: Oh gosh, there’s so many.

JOSH: I know, I’d hate to cut it down so sorry about that–

MAKENZIE: What are the 15 values that are the most important to me as an entrepreneur? I think it would be – yeah, I think it would be different for so many people but you definitely, I guess, there’s a certain level of risk. I wouldn’t necessarily call it risk cause I think that – it’s definitely adventure, you know, you kinda have to be willing to try something new or try something different, you know, stick your neck out there and you have to be willing to lose. Because I think if you’re not willing to lose, I don’t think you’re gonna be willing to try. And then also, you know, never giving up and there’s a difference between giving up on something that’s not working and never giving up.

And, let’s see, I think positive attitude, you know, having that positive attitude and always looking for the really bright side of things cause it gets hard. I think the last five years of my life have definitely been the most challenging five years of my life. Cause you have times when it gets hard but you have to, you know, keep your eye on the goal and look out beyond the storm that you’re in at the horizon and realize that there is a goal, there is a reason why I’m doing this and just keep your eyes focused and you’ll get through it. And then, the funny thing is, is you get through that storm and then the next storm sometimes comes and it’s worst and then you can kinda laugh and go, “ Ha! I remember when we went through that other storm and how easy that was.” You know.

JOSH: Yeah. Yeah.

MAKENZIE: You know, so it’s kind of accumulative like that. Just kinda like life, I guess. So –

JOSH: And so on that note, you’ve mentioned that a lot of us are gonna go through a lot of trials and what I’ve learned from my short experience in, you know, trying to walk the path entrepreneurship is that, you need certain safeguards or tools to use that will strengthen your resolve and encourage you and keep you motivated. Say, when you wake up on those gray days and you’re just like, “Why am I getting out of bed?” and you realize there’s this 40-item list that you have to get through within the day. I personally use a mantra and some people may refer to it as an affirmation statement. But do you have any tools of the trade that you kinda, you know, you’re laying heavily on?

MAKENZIE: I do have somewhat – I have my goals written down by my computer and I look at them everyday I walk into my office. Because it reminds me of why I retired and it reminds me of why I’m sitting here in my office and it’s four-fold. The first one is that my family is first, my family always comes first. So that’s obviously above anything else. So if my kids come running up and they want me to come look at a book or they want me to, you know, come with the toy, I’ll give my attention to them first before I give my attention to work. And that hasn’t always been the case, it has actually been very backwards and I’m learning a new way of living now which I absolutely love.

Number two is to create steady passive income and, you know, that’s kind of another Four-hour Work Week and, you know, Rich Dad, Poor Dad kind of deal, you know, that the smart-rich people are, you know, figure out ways to create passive income for themselves.

And number three is, you know, I wanna become an expert in my field and, you know, I have a lot of fields, so it’s gonna take me a little bit of time. [Laughter].

And number four is to create new adventures. So those – all four of those combined are kinda like my goals, my mantra and, you know, on top of that, you know, to keep me going, I remember about the people who I care the most about in my life, obviously, my family and my kids. And then I also do some meditation and some visualization and, you know, stuff like that and that helps to bring me back centered. It really alleviates my stress because then I realize that’s all the – the things in the world aren’t really so important anymore you know?

JOSH: Right.

MAKENZIE: It kinda puts everything right back into perspective so it really helps.

JOSH: And leading on top of that, just adding on to the end of it – Makenzie Kelly’s #1 quote would be? Fill in the blank.

MAKENZIE: That “Time is the most valuable currency more than money.”

JOSH: Awesome. Hey Makenzie, thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to talk to you and it’s a – just, you know, you have so many great things about what you’re doing, how you source inspiration, how you proceed with your life now that you’ve prioritized around the family and around yourself.

For anyone that’s listening who believe they have an idea and recognize the yearning to make a change in their lives but are kind of unsure, what kind of advise could you give to them.

MAKENZIE: You know, I think that you know what’s right, just get clear about what you want and – usually people know what they want and the feeling of being unsure is just really a feeling of being nervous and scared about making the change and if you really want it. And if you really want to make that change to create a better life for yourself, just do it because life is so short and, you know, not many things that you – not many of the big decisions that are out there, you know, you can’ really screw things up too badly. You know, it’s not like if you decide to quit your job that the next day you’re gonna be arrested and have to spend, you know, the next 40 years in jail. A lot of those things you can undo, a lot of the big decisions you can undo. So, you know, obviously, you know, weigh your risks but, you know, life is really short and if you think that this is gonna make a positive change in your life then do it.

JOSH: Awesome.


JOSH: So for everyone else who’s listened to this and they’ve realized, “you know what I can do – I can make a change in my life and it’s exactly what I want to do.” Then how are they able to, for instance, if they aren’t sure about how to do certain things. So in this call we’ve mentioned getting a VA as well as transcription services and other little things that people are just not sure, you know, they’ve been in a full time job for so long they would like to take that leap of faith but they kind of just want to get an overall picture of how they can possibly, you know, take their 40 hour week and make it 4-hour week. Are they able to get in contact with you?

MAKENZIE: Oh absolutely, yes, I would love to share, you know, all of my information with everybody because I think that the world would be a much better place if everybody was happier and everybody was doing what they love to do. So they can certainly, you know, go to my website and I have a “contact me” page there and I’m more than willing to answer any questions that they might have and see what I can do to help everybody. I’m not only here to, you know, learn myself but I’m here to help others learn along this journey cause we’re all kind of on the same journey together, aren’t we?

JOSH: Yeah. Thank you very much and for everyone, I’ve mentioned that about, probably a dozen times, but I’m gonna do it one more time because it’s that good. If you guys go to www.adventurousmom.com, the website is very well put together and the articles are great. I make an effort to go and I’ve actually noticed that you’ve done something sneaky in the last week. Is this your first videocast?

MAKENZIE: That is my first video podcast and, you know what was so funny, kinda just like right now, how we’re interviewing right now. My kids go to bed at 9 and so it’s kinda dark in my office and it’s kinda like I have to try to light it with artificial lights. So the video quality was not as good as I wanted it to be and the editing was a little, you know, it’s still not as good as I want it to be. But I figured, you know, I have to learn sometime and I have to figure it out so I went ahead and I put it up anyway.

JOSH: And it was good. It was really good information so thank you for doing that, I think it’s a good – it adds another, you know.

[Simultaneously Talking]

So I definitely encourage everyone to come and check out the page, it’s really great. As well as Makenzie’s very first video cast, it’s well done. I know you’re worried about the editing but everything is gonna pan out great when you have the time. And I think that’s us. Do you have anything – any last words of advise or anything you just want to leave our listeners on.

MAKENZIE: You know what Josh, I just want to say that I am – when I saw your blog, I am just so impressed with your motivation to do that cause I think that it is super cool and so I was very impressed with you and all that. And, you know, I’m following you and I’m rooting behind you so we’re gonna us succeed absolutely.

JOSH: Lucky this is a phone call otherwise everyone would see me blushing right now but thank you very much.

MAKENZIE: You’re very welcome.

JOSH: So on that note, guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this call and feel free to get a hold of Makenzie, she’s more than willing to help you as she’s helped me over time and, Makenzie, thank you once more.

MAKENZIE: You’re welcome Josh.

JOSH: Ok, so this is Josh Roa at joshroa.com. This is the interview with Makenzie Kelly at adventurousmom.com and I wish you all well on your own journeys to and of success!

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