The Launch of 2.0

Some of you may not be aware but, in addition to running my fledgling design company, as well as working intensely on my own Self Development and Personal Success,  I’ve also been tinkering with a new design for this website.

I’m proud to announce the launch of the newly designed website today!

Though it’s original intention was to track my 80-day challenge, it has slowly evolved to something more so I wanted it to better reflect that.

In addition to that, I’m also putting together a little offering for anyone interested in some of the pearls of wisdom I’ve picked up since I first started this website. It will be available when people subscribe and is a condensed version of everything I’ve learned along the way about taking control of your life.

To be honest with you, learning this stuff is only the first challenge, applying it is the second and without a doubt, the more rewarding and even I am working through it each day. That’s why part two of subscribing will include a chance to join in on free webinars as well as mastermind groups I plan to host in the future. These will be for the benefit of those of you who are interested in collaborating with people from other walks of life but with the same hunger to grow personally and professionally, as successful entrepreneurs.

It will also be a great opportunity to pool your knowledge together and bouce ideas off other people in order to get better feedback on your own little Thinkubator projects..after all, what does it really cost you, right? Presently, those ideas are probably just running rings around that cramped head of yours and need a chance to bounced off a couple other heads sooner rather than later!

In any event, I’m really excited about the relaunch of the website and hope you guys like it too. Feels like I’m starting anew, a little wiser and still as eager as ever to learn more. Let me know what you guys think bu leaving a comment below. This is an organic project that will continue to grow with me too, so your critique is much appreciated.

And with that, I hope you guys are as excited as me to get on what is destined to be an amazing journey of Self-Development and Personal Success!