Picture meeting yourself at 110 years of age. What would you have to say to yourself? Would you warn yourself or give praise? Talk about what you did or what you failed to do?

This is an epic concept I stumbled on to when I joined the en*theos community & I thought it was so important, I wanted to incorporate it into my 80n8 eCourse.

Accordingly, on this page, you’ve got the chance to participate and very really, receive what could be the most powerful message you’ve ever read.

As an example, here’s what I told myself:

This is a message I will never forget. It occupies a permanent spot on my wall, in fact, but what it does more than that is it speaks to my spirit, knowing who I am and what my struggles are. It is the most important thing I will ever need to hear because it’s from the one person who knows me the most.

If you want to get involved in this global lab experiment, leave your message as a comment below in the following format:


Your 110-year old you comes back to today. What do you tell yourself?


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