Welcome to The Thinkubator.

Here I’ve placed ongoing projects for all to see. Once ready to launch, the “Work In Progress Signs will be removed and you will be able to click on the project to see what it’s all about.


Rawstyle Marketing

Not one to patiently work through a painful process, I saw an opportunity to take my knowledge and build it into a product for businesses looking to migrate from offline to online marketing.

This took the form of Rawstyle Marketing, a company specialising in Search Engine Advertising, both organic and paid. This will be an interesting little project to work on over the next 12-24 months but I’m eager to prove myself in this market and add another notch to my management skill set.


This little company is my firstborn but now it has a presence on the net thanks to my 80-Day challenge. As I’ve mentioned on my blog, I’d originally set it up to be the next big 3D Animation company nearly two years ago when I came back from China. Back then however, I had little motivation and less discipline to follow through on basically treating it like a business as opposed to a tax break.

2010 is here and Roarender has been reinvented.Still a work in progress as I lace her with plenty of bling over the next week but she will be the vehicle to all other roads once I begin generating income through her so definitely check her out, who knows, we could end up collaborating on a project together.

Don’t ask me why I refer to my business as being a girl, maybe it’s because my wife and I are two for two with my little girls so far (#3 is still to be revealed. The suspense is killing me!)! Ha, Mrs Washer (my highschool english teacher) would be so disappointed with my punctuation!


logoGraphicThinkubatorPic_01 This first idea was one that I initially thought up at the middle of the night. The story around the idea has so far proved to be more interesting than the idea itself. This means I may have to leave it in the Thinkubator for a few more re-heatsĀ  before it’s ready to meet the big bad world.



I actually had this idea some time in September 2009. It was at the back-end of me looking for a new car after I crashed the previous one while driving to work one morning (we won’t go there). This idea was based on a very simple concept to aid people in getting independent vehicle inspections. I’ll leave it at that for now…