Top 10 “How To Become A Millionaire” Methods

by Josh on November 4, 2013

Learning How to Become a Millionaire involves researching a variety of different business models to determine the best method to arrive at a goal. Each approach involves a different strategy. Review the business models of millionaires who managed to reach their goal at an early age.

1. How To Be a Millionaire with Social Networking

Millionaire Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

how to become a millionaire - mark zuckerberg

Project Example: Facebook is a prime example of How to Become a Millionaire. Facebook was created by Zuckerberg along with his peers and roommates, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Zuckerberg was voted one of the World’s Most Influential People in 2008 thanks to this popular social networking site. Zuckerberg makes becoming a millionaire appear easy. Aspiring millionaires may review his model to identify ways to become a millionaire.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 25 Years Old

Current Worth: $700 million

2. How To Be a Millionaire through Internet Marketing

Millionaire Name: Chad Hurley

how to become a millionaire - chad hurley

Example: YouTube impressed the world with its unique marketing strategy that allows people to communicate and share video through the World Wide Web. The company was sold October 2006 to Google for $1.65 billion. Mr. Hurley made Business 2.0’s list for 50 People Who Matter Now. His success certainly demonstrates that he knows at least one route to becoming a millionaire. Study his examples to learn how to be a millionaire and achieve success financially.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 33 Years of Age

Current Worth: $300 Million

3. How To Be a Millionaire with Gaming

Millionaire Name: John Vechey

how to become a millionaire - john vechey

Project Example: PopCap Games is game developer based out of Seattle, Washington and employs over 180 people. PopCap is best known for Bejeweled and has sold more than 25 million units. PopCap games are available for PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, iPod Classic, iPhone Touch, Web, PC and Mac. Vechey’s business model can help others learn how to become a millionaire in the gaming industry.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 30 Years Old

Current Worth: $60 Million

4. How To Be a Millionaire with Software

Millionaire Name: Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross

how to become a millionaire -dave hyatt blake ross

Project Example: Mozilla Firefox is an free and open source web browser. In 2009, Firefox possessed 22.98 percent of the market share of web browsers. This browser is the second most popular browser behind Internet Explorer. The latest browser version includes private browsing, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, location-aware browsing and numerous other features. People searching for ways to become a millionaire should review his business model and determine his strategy of how to be a millionaire.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 24 Years Old

Current Worth: $120 Million

5. How To Be a Millionaire with Hosting

Millionaire Name: Andrew Michael

how to become a millionaire - andrew michael

Example: Fasthosts Internet Hosting Services is based out of Gloucester, England. The founder started the business at the age of 17, and by 2002, the company was listed as the second fastest growing technology company in the United Kingdom. By 2005, the company managed to earn five million pounds in profit. Fasthosts was sold to United Internet for 61.5 million pounds. Andrew Michael remained the CEO until 2009. To learn how to become a millionaire without actually maintaining control of the company, Andrew Michael provides the perfect example. Becoming a millionaire seems effortless after reviewing their paths to success.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 31 Years Old

Current Worth: $110 Million

Millionaire Name: Alexander Levin

how to become a millionaire - alexander levin

Project Example: ImageShack was the fourth fastest growing web brand in July 2006. In 2007, ImageShack United States managed to score an Alexa ranking in the top 40s. They produce revenue for the company by advertising their free image hosting website. This company was proof that there are many ways to become a millionaire. ImageShack captured the public’s attention with its image hosting website. Access to the images and the advertising surrounding the website showed people one of many ways to become a millionaire. Who says that becoming a millionaire cannot happen in a short period of time?

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 25 Years Old

Current Worth: $56 Million

6. Become a Millionaire Through Real Estate Investments

Millionaire Name: Donald Trump

how to become a millionaire - donald trump

Project Example: Trump made his first million after his dad purchased a building called the Swifton Village for $5.7 million. He remodeled the building and attained a 100 percent occupancy by 1972. During this year, he sold the Swifton Village for $6.75 million for 1972. Trump’s profit was $1.05 million. Donald Trump is a well known example of how becoming a millionaire can be easy with help from friends.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 26

Current Worth: $2.7 billion

7. Become a Millionaire Through Investments

Millionaire Name: Warren Buffet

how to become a millionaire - warren buffet

Project Example: Warren Buffet made his millions through investments and partnerships. By 1962, he had managed to earn $7.178 million because of investments, but only $1.025 million belonged to Warren Buffet. He attained capital by borrowing $10,000 from each of his doctor friends to invest. He became the world’s richest man in 2008. By 2011, he was only the third richest man. Warren Buffet made becoming a millionaire look easy through his numerous investments and partnerships.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 32

Current Worth: $39 billion

8. How to Become a Millionaire with Furniture

Millionaire Name: Sean Belnick

how to become a millionaire - sean belnick

Project Example: is an Internet retailer run by an Emory graduate. The Internet retailer provides office furniture to its clients. The business is ranked number 242 in the Internet Retailer Guide and is based out of Canton, Georgia. In 2006, the business sold $24.1 million in merchandise, and by 2010, the company sales reached $58 million. currently has 75 employees and hopes to expand to 100 employees. This is yet another example of how to make a million with the Internet.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 20

Current Worth: $42 million

9. How to Become a Millionaire by Blogging

Millionaire Name: Ryan Block

how to become a millionaire - ryan block

Project Example: This gadget and consumer electronics blog informs readers of the latest product introduction on the market. The editorial content is one of the best in the online and frequently, ranks in the “Technorati Top 100.” The online community was also featured in TIME magazine for being one of the best blogs of 2010. Study Block’s path to millionaire status before starting your Internet business.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 25

Current Worth: $20 million

10. Ways to Become a Millionaire by Promoting Online Dating

Millionaire Name: Markus Frind

how to become a millionaire - markus frind

Project Example: Plenty of Fish is a free Internet dating site that rivals competitors such as and eHarmony by offering its services for free. Frind works in approximately 10 hours per week and most of the business runs on autopilot. At its inception, he hired three individuals for customer service. The business has low overhead expenses and increases revenue through advertisements. Frind’s lifestyle and path to millionaire status is ideal.

Age At The Time of Millionaire Status: 29

Current Worth: $10 million


Pursuits of How to Become a Millionaire will be evident through reading the successes of these young entrepreneurs. For more information on ways to become a millionaire, read the details of their success stories to determine how your business can be modeled after proven millionaire businesses.

If you think there are proven models that haven’t been mentioned here, tell us about them and if there are enough like-minded people, we’ll update this Top 10 list with your vote!

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    Thanks very much for this motivating views, I am inspired and also want to be a millionaire.

  • Josh

    Hey Arun,

    I think many of us would like to have the freedom that wealth offers. I highly recommend listening to the interviews on this site, specifically with Corbett Barr and John Jonas, to learn more about designing a millionaire lifestyle without having to become a millionaire as such.

    Feel free to come back at me also if you have any other queries.

  • nadia

    Hi Josh,
    I am in a way successful in my job as a PR manager, but I want to do something new ,start a different step, create some new ideas so that I might become rich and may be millionaire. But I don’t know how or from where to start, I need your help and advice.

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